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Getting extra progesterone

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Ipushedmygrannyaffabus Tue 05-Jan-16 21:48:01

I got a BFP on New Year's Eve. I rarely, if ever, ovulate due to very low progesterone. This pregnancy feels like a miracle. I'm terrified I don't feel pregnant 'enough' and scared my progesterone will be too low to sustain the pregnancy. I went to the gp today who took bloods to check my hcg level. I asked about my progesterone level and whether I should be getting progesterone supplements but she said no - if it was high enough to let me conceive, it was high enough to sustain a pregnancy. But I'm scared. I get the blood results on thurs. has anyone else ever been given extra progesterone to help?

Vap0 Wed 06-Jan-16 08:09:35

Congratulations on your pregnancy flowers
I am in the same boat as you ref low progesterone. I did manage to conceive on a month where I had bloods done and it was only 27.1 however I did lose the pregnancy quite early. I also lost another pregnancy early which I had convinced myself both times was due to low progesterone. I have spoken with 3 different gp's at my surgery and none will offer it. I'm also in the assisted fertility process due to being 29 months into ttc #1 and the consultant wrote me a letter saying that they wouldn't give me progesterone for 2 reasons
1. It's too expensive
2. It is not proven

It annoys me that expense is the 1st reason in the letter and I'm really cross that even with tests that say my levels are low and 2 losses they still won't entertain it even though without too much effort reading through mn you will see people are prescribed it every day. A lot of it depends on where you live and your Drs however new "nice" guidelines say not to prescribe so if you are dealing with a Dr under the constraints of "nice" (NHS) it's very very unlikely you'll get any as the whole purpose of the guidelines is to keep everyone singing from the same song sheet and more importantly keeping costs down.
If you want to get some prescribed your best bet will be to go privately to get some prescribed but that is a mine field in it's self. Where I am the private appointments cost £250 a pop and you won't know until the appointment whether the Dr you will see will prescribe you progesterone or not so you could be unlucky and they may say no (because most private Drs are also NHS) but you would hope that as you were paying they would give you what you want but it's not always the case.
We had another bfp on Boxing Day which I have to say after 2 losses has brought no excitement, just fear of another loss and still no assistance from Drs. Epu in my area also won't speak to you until you are in excess of 6w so they are no help at the min either. Just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
Best of luck to you and your pregnancy. There must be some truth to what the Drs say -or so I keep telling myself to try to keep calm--. And as for the lack of feeling pregnant, do you know how many w+d you are? I'm 4+4 today and other than tiredness (probably work related too) and progressively slightly sore boobs I would not know if I wasn't tracking. In my experience of 3 pregnancies now I've never had much in the way or symptoms early on and presume for me I'll start feeling them after 6w (never got that far yet so this is an assumption). Some people rarely get symptoms at all and some people have loads from 4w. It's probably not something to get yourself worried about. And after all, if you are going to mc and once a mc has started there is nothing that can be done to keep it no matter who you are and what Dr you see.

Sorry for the essay.

Good luck to us both flowers

smellsofelderberries Fri 08-Jan-16 19:06:40

I don't know if I have low progesterone, but I do suffer from oestrogen dominance which throws everything out of whack (really great cystic acne hmm and short luteal phase). I randomly found out that 'medicinal' doses of vitamin C supports natural progesterone production, after I started taking a 500mg vit C tablet daily and my acne cleared up. Fell pregnant that month after 8 months of trying. Turns out there have been studies done showing that vitamin C (about 750mgs a day) showed an improvement in women with luteal phase defect, a higher rate of ovulation of women when taken alongside clomid and higher rate of pregnancy compared to the control group. Might be worth a try?

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