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Cysts on ovary - should I worry?

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ToInfinity Tue 01-Dec-15 16:05:53

Hi All,
So I'm just going through my second miscarriage this year.
During my most recent scan, the radiographer found 3 smallish cysts on one of my ovaries. She didn't seem that bothered, but it's just got me a bit concerned.
Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be the reason for my miscarriages?

Thank you!

GoTheDistance Tue 01-Dec-15 16:18:59

Sorry about your miscarriages flowers

I suffered a mc earlier in the year and, at the scan, they also found a 5cm cyst...the doctor said that it had nothing to do with the mc and that the cyst was likely a result of the pregnancy hormones.

2mths later, at the follow up scan, the cyst had completely gone- I hope that your cysts do the same, good luck

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