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Would someone please be a gem and help me make sense of my cervix?

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TudorTrace Tue 01-Dec-15 11:03:30

As a bit of background, this is my first fertile window after my first period from my miscarriage at 7 weeks. I am almost certain I ovulated 2 weeks before my period returned, simply because of my cervix/mucus etc.

I tracked my cycles for 6 months before we started trying (got pregnant straight away), but now after my MC I don't seem to be ovulating confused

I'm currently on CD 14 of my (what it was before MC) 29 day cycle. I would have thought it stayed this was, purely because as soon as my HCG levels returned to zero, I ovulated within 10/12 days and got my period exactly 28 days after my original zero level of HCG started!

I currently have no fertile CM, it's like school glue, my cervix is rock hard and it's semi open sad what's going on?

Before my MC, I always ovulated on day 15/16 of my cycle, but I started to show signs of being fertile a good 3/4 days before that.

Any advice would really be appreciated, thank you star

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