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Long cycle, no positive ovulation results - could I be missing the surge, or not ovulating?

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ctotoro Wed 25-Nov-15 18:00:52

Since coming off the pill 2 months ago I've had as many periods. My first proper period was 7 days after a 34 day cycle. My next one - 34 day cycle and a 7 day period. Now, we started TTC almost straight away as we'd really like to be pregnant sooner rather than later. I've been taking ovulation tests since CD10 this time just incase it was early and I'm now on CD21 (just 13 days away from AF) and still getting only negatives. I'm worried that maybe i'm not ovulating - but with such a long cycle and such a long period part of me thinks surely I must be?
Could my tests actually be missing the LH surge? I test late afternoon and again quite late before bed.

broodynmoody Wed 25-Nov-15 18:29:04

It could be either. The only way to tell you've actually ovulated is to take your basal body temperature.

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