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10 days late!!

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Louise191 Sat 21-Nov-15 23:26:39

Hello everyone!
I just need a bit of advice really.

I was on the pill for about 2 months, stopped taking it due to side effects. I had what I thought was a withdrawal bleed a couple of days after I stopped. Since then I have had 2 regular periods, my cycle being 29-30 days.
My last period was 13th October, my next period was expected 11th November but still no show! I was wondering could this still be my body adjusting to coming off the pill? I wasn't on it too long so I'm unsure if that changes how long it takes to regulate, but after having 2 regular cycles since coming off I am wondering could I be?
I haven't gone to my doctors just yet. I have took a few pregnancy tests, all coming back negative, 2x first response and 1 clear blue. I don't have symptoms as such, I have been getting headaches but could be down to stress.. And very emotional! And hungry too, but all these symtoms could be pmt I guess! Only sort of 'Unsual' feeling I have is weird sharp pains in the side of my belly! also do have white discharge (sorry for tmi). Usually a few days before my period I get a stabbing pain where my ovaries are, but the pain I have got lately feels different to that.
Before this me and my boyfriend was having unprotected sex for 2 years and we didn't conceive once, it has always been a concern to me but I decided to not go to the doctors until we was 'actively trying'.

Sorry for the essay ladies! Just a bit concerned and don't want to waste the doctors time if it's nothing lol, but it is very frustrating I would be sad if I come on, but at least I would know for sure then! Thanks for reading

Tessagirl Sun 22-Nov-15 10:07:47

Hiya, im nearly in the same boat honestly. Im feeling lots of changes in my body. Im headachey, back achey, forgetting things so much i feel like im turning into a cabbage. I have the discharge too as well as my fiance reckonging my boobs are a bit bigger. Only difference being im not due on til tomorrow. But i usually have cramps for a couple of days leading up to my period and i havent this time. Ive taken 2 tests and they've both gone haywire. Waiting for tomorrow is driving me mad. Especially since my OH is so hoping we are pregnant. Theres a lot of pressure! I think what im trying to say is i know a little bit how youre feeling, i hope you get the answers soon and that it all works out for you xxxx

Louise191 Sun 22-Nov-15 16:36:39

It strange isn't it! Try and relax and try your best to stay patient.. Easier said than done though! I don't another p test today, first thing and it come back neg! Driving me up the wall! If I don't come on by Wednesday will be booking an appoit with the doctors! Hope you get the result you want too Hun, fingers crossed! Keep me updated xxxx

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