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periods changed - should i be worried

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lucylou1234 Sun 18-Oct-15 21:27:13

Hey guys,

well ive been off the pill since december, not TTC still using condoms as ive been waiting for a new job which finally ive got but due to start soon - woo hoo now i can start TTC :D

I have noticed my past 2 cycles have been different and not sure if i should be worried? my cycle is usually 27/28 days but the last twice ive had a day of spotting (ive thought its started early) then nothing then 3 days later it starts as normal, ive never had this b4 so not sure if its normal or if im stressing out over nothing.

has any one experienced this?

Lalalala2015 Mon 19-Oct-15 11:12:40

Hiya I didn't want to read and run but I don't think I'll be much help!
I stopped my pill in May (not ttc, been using condoms since) and I didn't get a period until July! Then my August and September periods were 4 days late!
If it's just your last two cycles that are different then it's possibly stress or worry about being able to ttc or something?
So maybe give it another cycle or two then see your gp if you're concerned!

lucylou1234 Mon 19-Oct-15 11:57:04

aw thanks for getting back to me smile

yeah hopefully its just stressing too much. ive been desperate to start TTC for so long but felt i didnt wnt to start until i had i new job as i was so unhappy in my current one and would probably end up there forever if I had children sad

People all around me are pregnant and i can't help but feel jealous sad

Lalalala2015 Mon 19-Oct-15 12:56:18

I know it's hard but try not to worry!
It's normal to feel a bit jealous but I'm sure your time will come smile

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