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So fed up :-( Is anyone else T1 or even just have any general tips for improving chances?

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HopelesslyHopeful1 Mon 31-Aug-15 22:10:54

Hi all,
I am new here ☺️ Utterly fed up and wondering if anyone else is in the same boat, it feels like I am the only one but I'm sure I can't be! Is there anyone else with T1 diabetes trying TTC ?

We have had to wait almost 2yrs before being allowed to TTC �� I had to get my Hba1C (long term glucose control blood test) numbers down, which took a few months. I was then moved on to an insulin pump to supposed,y help improve these even further, which messed all that up again, a year later we are finally getting to grips ŵith it, the figures are better and we get the go ahead to start trying. BUT we have to then wait another 3 months because they insist that due to some apparent higher risk of neuro tube defects because of my illness, I must take a high dose of folic acid (for 3 months) before we can begin TTC!! 3 months later and 3 months in to TTC and nothing ... �� I have a clear blue fertility monitor, we dtd every 2-3 days from CD 10-20 (!) and I'm living like a nun. But nothing. Since we started trying all I have had from said monitor is "high" days and no "peak" ... typical! ��

Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice, is there anything else I could or should be doing to help improve my chances??

TIA if you read this! Xx

HopelesslyHopeful1 Mon 31-Aug-15 22:12:16

Oops - sorry for all the ?? in my post - iPad emoticons don't translate well I see (!) Doh!

Jellybean100 Mon 31-Aug-15 23:56:05

Hi! I'm also type 1. Message me if you want to chat! Would be great to have someone to talk to in same boat. we are on cycle 3 of trying for first baby and I'm really nervous! What is your hba1c? My control hasn't been very good in recent weeks and can't seem to get myself back on track. I've been taking folic acid for 3 months though so that's one good thing I guess!!

Junosmum Tue 01-Sep-15 18:23:42

My best friend is T1. She spent 12 months getting her sugars sorted and had an insulin pump fitted. She worked really hard and got long terms down in to the lower range, suitable for TTC. 2nd month of trying and BANG, BFP. She's booked in for a c section tomorrow.

Just thought you might like a happy ending story.

Writteninscars Tue 01-Sep-15 18:31:26

I'm type 1 and on a pump.
I have ds (6) who I conceived first month of trying. My hbA1c was 5.8 I think.

Took three years for dc2 - but that is dh's issue not mine. This time I wasn't bothering with folic acid as we'd been told we couldn't have any more children. I started taking it as soon as I found I was pregnant but my consultant said it doesn't build up in your system anyway and the body doesn't store it so seems kind of pointless to say you have to take it so long before hand.
This pregnancy my hbA1c is 6 but my control hasn't been as good as with ds. I've had set failures, really bad morning sickness and insulin resistance from the start. I'm hoping everything will be ok, I'm 18 weeks now, id say I'm in range 90% of the time (5.3-7.8) and I'm doing my absolute best but it's hard to calculate insulin when you might be sick after eating!
Be prepared to practically live at the hospital from the second trimester onwards. It's bloody hard work!
Good luck, the diabetes shouldn't be a barrier to getting pregnant.

HopelesslyHopeful1 Tue 01-Sep-15 22:04:44

Jellybean Hello! There is someone else out there like ME! Lol! Meanwhile it feels like all our friends and family are just like "hey what shall I do today? Oh let's have a baby and whoops there we go!" envy Ugh.
Hba1c was 79 shock got it down to 52 grin within a year, then they said let's give you a pump to get it even tighter and it turned everything upside down. I have had horrendous problems with canulas bending and etc (very active job and lifestyle!) which all affected delivery and absorption and it took a long time for them to be able to work out my basal rates. Last blood test was 61 almost a year later at which point they said I had to balance out my scores versus my "advancing age" and risks (I'm 31!) so just to go for it and accept that I would probably have to deliver early sad Not sure how to message?? But yes please would love to chat xx

Junosmum Thank you, that is heartwarming xx

Writteninscars Thank you for also sharing your experiences. Although I was gutted to read the part about folic acid! shock 3 months we wasted for no reason then. I have tracked my cycles carefully for the last 8 months or more ready for when we got the go ahead. I have ovulated every month (according to my ClearBlue monitor), until the last 3 months, since we have been actually TTC .... ARRRRRGH!!! I am very worried now it's too late, they go on a lot about my "advancing age"! sad

Writteninscars Tue 01-Sep-15 22:10:16

Which pump and cannulas do you have? I have a Medtronic and use silhouettes. I found when using the other sets they nearly always bent.
I think my hbA1c is 47 now in new money - j can only work in the old way as 47 means nothing to me until they translate it and tell me what it used to be in the 'old fashioned' way!

HopelesslyHopeful1 Tue 01-Sep-15 22:22:26

I also have a Medtronic pump as it happens! Started off with the Quick set, which is what I think they start everyone off with but I kept kinking them and they were too long. Then tried the Silhouette but they kept getting knocked/pulled out with work. I also managed to kink a few once in even though they claimed you couldn't, trust me (!) Now on the Sure-T which is a very short metal canula with like an extra safety loop so I can't kink it or have it easily pulled out. It's all taken a long time to get here though and I'm not happy about a score of 61 but I don't seem to be able to get it lower sad

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