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TTC Baby #3 and worried

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OscarEllie1511 Thu 20-Aug-15 17:25:33

Hi all I'm new to mumsnet!
Anyway I'm trying for baby 3 shock and I'm worried about labour already! My previous labours have been terrible, on my first I had to have a emergency c section! They overdosed me, I lost 2L of blood!
On my second had to be cut and forceps and again lost a lot of blood! Anyway my question is what's the chances of them letting me have a natural birth ?

Seeyalater Fri 21-Aug-15 06:36:11

They will let you have a natural birth, they will probably encourage you to. And chances are you will have a normal birth as you have a previous vaginal birth (regardless of forceps) which makes it much more likely your next baby will be born normally. Congratulations. Try not to stress about it,you will see the consultant at about 12 weeks to talk through this birth .

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