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Conceiving after cerazette

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Yasxyasxyas Wed 19-Aug-15 00:36:38

I have recently come off the pill cerazette after taking it consistently for 4/5 years as me and my partner are ttc
Now usually if I miss a pill I will have a bleed instantly and have even bleed irregularly whilst on it, this time however is different I haven't taken it for just about a week and a half and no sign of bleeding
I've felt odd as in not myself almost I'll really my symptoms have been
Headaches, feeling nausea, build up of mucus, heightened smell, lots of cervical mucus, tiredness, pains in one side of my abdomen, cravings and aversions and a strange sensation in my stomach which can go from a warm fuzzy feel to a big sinking hole, not pain just uncomfortable.
Ive read these are pregnancy sy but can also be pill withdrawal I could just even be ill
I have no idea what's going on in my body or what my best course of action is but it's driving me crazy I took a pregnancy test to just check but was negative
Can anyone help or have any advise for me? confused

Oysterbabe Wed 19-Aug-15 08:19:06

These are all normal post pill symptoms. I felt dreadful for a good 2 months. It'll take a while for things to settle down.

SnozzberryPie Wed 19-Aug-15 08:28:06

I've come off cerazette twice and have felt dreadful for 5 or 6 weeks both times until having my first proper period.

The pains and increased cervical mucus could be ovulation so now could be a good time to dtd if you want to get pregnant smile

Seeyalater Fri 21-Aug-15 06:53:25

I think you just (sorry!) have to wait it out for a bit to give your body a chance to kick back in. Focus on pregnancy vitamins, eating well etc.

MillieMoodle Fri 21-Aug-15 06:57:41

Agree with pp's, it will take a while for your cycle to adjust. I came off cerazette in January and the first month or so was awful - symptoms galore. My cycles still haven't settled enough to be regular though so it might take a little while.

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