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Can someone, ANYONE give me their thoughts please??????

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babysham123 Sun 16-Aug-15 15:51:06

Hi there, I am new to this group just joined today. I am after some advice please. We are currently ttc our first child together, baby no 4 for myself. I downloaded the first response pregnancy tracker and found out fertile days etc and were dtd almost every day, (minus one or two days lol) over the two weeks after my period. My cycle is 28 days and regular and usually extremely heavy. Last period started 11th of June
Two weeks exactly after my period (day 14), I had some milky brown discharge for approx 1 day. At the time, I thought nothing of it. My period due date (8th of August) Came and went and had nothing until 5 days late (12th August).It was pink and brown mixed together and I couldn't even put a tampon in comfortably as it was too dry. It was a little heavy the following morning for like 1 hour and then nothing at all. My 'period' lasted 1 and a half days!!!
My periods are usually 6 or 7 days long and I am the type of person that has to wear a tampon and a pad because I'm so heavy.
-I have been having dizzy spells and have been extremely thirsty, can't get enough water!!
- No cravings at all, but extremely tired.
-I have been having a stitch like pain on my right side just below my ribs. --The day before I started bleeding I was cramping and had to use a hot water bottle never have had to do that before.
-very vivid dreams
- crying at almost everything
-trouble getting to sleep at night sometimes up till 2am
I took two Morrisons own tests last Sunday 9th, day after my period was due and got a faint line come up almost immediately but then faded away within like 30 seconds??? with both!!
I then bought some cheap hcg dip sticks for £1 and took 1 in the afternoon 2 days ago and negative, took the remaining one last night and it was positive but extremely faint! (pink) even the other half saw it so I'm convinced I'm not seeing things.
This morning I took two clear blue non digi tests in excitement thinking I would defo get my positives but nothing????
Please help me ladies tell me if any of you have experienced this before as I am going crazy!!! not sure whether to wait and keep testing or to just throw in the towel and accept the 1 and a half day bleed as my period?? what are your opinions?

babysham123 Sun 16-Aug-15 15:52:51

Oh and I forgot to add, I'm still cramping but no sign of blood .....

Junosmum Sun 16-Aug-15 17:14:44

This has been covered several times, however as you are new I'll let you in on the inside knowledge!

Cheapies tend to detect HCG at really low level, like 10 units, where as clear blue digital detect HGC at 25 units (which is kind of what makes them more reliable, less likely to detect chemical pregnancies etc).

As in a healthy pregnancy HCG doubles every 42ish hours you should get a positive on a clear blue digital tomorrow morning or the day after. You should also start to get slightly stronger lines on the cheap dip sticks today and tomorrow as well, though don't get too worried if you don't.

It could be a chemical pregnancy unfortunately, but hopefully not!

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