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BBT Thermometer - recommendations please

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Sunshinegirl2015 Thu 30-Jul-15 21:12:49

I've been doing some research on buying a Basal Body thermometer. It seems the best one would be one that had a back light, showed the previous temp the next time it was turned it on and didn't make too many bleep noises as well as not breaking the bank.

Does such a device exist? Reading reviews on Amazon seem to be mixed.

Do you chart and if so would you recommend your thermometer? Where is it from?


MrsPCR Thu 30-Jul-15 21:45:52

I used baby mad one from eBay for about £5. It did unfortunately beep a lot but due to inconsistencies taking my temperature orally, switched to vaginally and then you rarely heard it beep.

No backlight, but i used my phone screen as I put the data in FF. saved the last temperature so on the occasion I fell asleep again before checking, I could still find out when I woke up.

Seemed v accurate. It was to 2 decimal places.

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