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2nd miscarriage.....ð;Ÿ˜“

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HannahFlo Fri 10-Jul-15 05:11:01

Hi all,

So last week I found out I was pregnate & was literally the happiest women in the world. Yesterday I started bleeding & since then I've had cramps. Have a scan this morning to confirm things but I know it's died.

This is my second miscarriage, I feel so unlucky & sad.
I was trying for a baby with my ex partner about 4 years ago, with lots of trying & not much happening I got diagnosed with PCOS, had surgery to remove my cysts and finally I caught. I got to around 8/9 weeks & started bleeding. Got checked out & the baby had died at 5 weeks. Was so saddened by this & it eventually broke up my marriage....

4 years on & I'm in a much happier place! Head over heels in love & we decided to start trying. Unsure of what my cycles would be like due to the PCOS but had a period after 34 days & we caught straight away. I honestly can't believe I'm in that place again of losing the baby. I'm trying my hardest to keep my head up....

Anyone else had more than one miscarriage? Did you manage to fall pregnant soon afterwards?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated xxxx

Sakura03 Fri 10-Jul-15 08:17:33

So sorry for your loss. I suffered a mc in May. I cant really offer any advice but why dont you come and join us on TTC after MC #7 -fx for better times ahead (can't do the link I'm afraid but you'll see it, we've just started a new thread) there are women there who have had 1+ miscarriages and everyone is so supportive. Hope to see you there, take care

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