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Has anyone else rely solely on the withdrawral method before?

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sophiedeana990 Thu 02-Jul-15 11:41:13

Hiya, so ever since I was 17 I've been using the 'pull-out' method with my 3/4 years older partner (of whom was never a silly little teenager that didn't know when he was coming or going). We've always not been to fussed about me falling pregnant, and kept the mind set that if it happens it happens as we were always both in stable jobs with a good income. Judge as you will, but that was us.

Now I'm 21 and actively trying, (and not pulling out), I was wondering who has ever just SOLELY used the pull-out method with their OH? Yes, I'm aware it's 100% possible to conceive that way so not a good method of contraception if pregnancy isn't a nice suprisey option for you.

I was just wondering, if you and OH have only used the pull-out method, how long did it take for a happy accident to happen? Or, if it didn't and you're now trying for a baby, how long have you been successfully dodging bullets for?

Thank you ladies, just thought it'd be interesting to see smile

DizzyNorthernBird Thu 02-Jul-15 11:44:18

^ this old thread was brought back to life on the very same subject!

SunnyBaudelaire Thu 02-Jul-15 11:48:55

yes I did, ended up having an abortion.

Moltenpink Thu 02-Jul-15 12:05:34

Yes, for 10 years. But only because I would be fine with getting pregnant by accident.

Dh has been honest on two occasions where he thought he had withdrawn too late, giving me the option of morning after pill. We don't use the method twice in a short time in case of sperm in the pre-fluids (whatever they are called!)

Two pregnancies were planned, I got pregnant within one month the first time and one year the second which is more a reflection on our sex life at those times smile

Germaine Greer writes some interesting observations about the withdrawal method in Sex and Destiny. Personally, it's been very suitable for this period of my life, but I might reconsider as I near my forties.

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