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Frustrated!!! LP longer than usual...

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ProbablyMe Thu 25-Jun-15 15:08:43

I am currently going slightly mad. I am currently 15 dpo going by cervix/mucus/bbt and opks. My usual luteal phase is 13 days long - very predictable, AF generally arrives at 7.30am ish on the predicted day. I tested at 11 dpo - BFN. Again at 13 dpo - BFN. Decided to wait for AF, disappointed but eager to get on to the next month of TTC! In the pm of 13dpo I wiped and got some pale pink tinged mucus, assumed AF would arrive as expected. 14dpo wiped and got a smear of red, put a pad on and thought that was definitely it. Today - still nothing!! My cervix is medium, soft and closed - I would expect it to be much firmer if AF was close - and I have lots of creamy mucus (tmi!) My temps have dropped a bit in the last two days but are still over the cover line on my chart.

Does anyone have experience with a fluctuating luteal phase length when it's usually the same? Does anyone have experience of a really late BFP after AF was due? I feel daft really - I have 4 sons aged from 12-18, had a late miscarriage in January and an early miscarriage in March but I'm sitting here fretting like I've never done this before!!

Not looking for anyone to tell me whether I'm pregnant btw - I will test tomorrow am if AF still isn't here - just wanted to vent a bit and see if anyone had any similar experiences!

MrsPCR Thu 25-Jun-15 17:25:35

I have no idea but didn't want to read and run. I know that they say if you have unprotected sex, you have to wait 21 days to test to definitely confirm you're not pregnant of you don't know when your period is due. So that would imply you could get false negatives until 21dpo. If you look at pregnancy tests by dpi, there's a site and it shows only positives and false negatives and it was still quite a high percentage of false negatives at 17dpo.

Apparently your luteal phase never changes and when people think it has, its because they actually ov'd later than they thought (opk/ egg white) therefore as you temp, you know exactly when you ov'd so fingers crossed. Good luck.

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