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Anyone had experience of low progesterone?

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SashaKerr Mon 22-Jun-15 13:25:11

Hi all

So I have a DS but am also a recurrent miscarrier who's had a bunch of tests - high nk cells etc.

I also had my progesterone tested around day 22 and it was 20.3 nmol which I understand is pretty low. It shows ovulation happened but might be too low to sustain a pregnancy.

A test done a couple of days later showed it hasn't risen much between day 22 and 23 so consultant felt it meant I couldn't be pregnant.

He has suggested I have progesterone suppositories and that I try chlomid next month.

Anyone have experience of low progesterone or had low progesterone and went on to have a successful pregnancy?

Having found out recently my body is broken in a million places, any rays of light would be very welcome smile


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