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Clearblue ovulation tests?

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Chappie87 Tue 16-Jun-15 13:33:57

Hi all!
Iv just joined up and was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the smiley face clear blue ovulation tests. I have pcos and ovulate every other month. I thought I'd give the tests a go to help me narrow it down a bit. I got a smiley face yesterday and me and hubby dtd last night but now he's away for a few days! Do you think my chances of getting pregnant are still good? Any advice would be appreciated thank you!!

Babycakes100 Tue 16-Jun-15 19:43:49

The smiley face shows when you are at your peak fertility (for like 2 days), so I would say yes definitely as you dtd on that day. Plus swimmers can live inside you for up to 7 days. Best of luck!

Mollymal Sun 19-Jul-15 07:56:23

Hello. I wondered if anyone can offer any advice. I have just started using the Clearblue dual hormone tests. I started on day 10 and got a BFP that day and the next. I then got a high fertility reading from day 12 until today (day 19) which is 8 days! We TTC on day 10 (got pregnant on day 11 with DS1) and then day 13, as DH hasn't felt great this week. Firstly, does this sound right as high fertility is usually a maximum of five days and secondly, will it be too late in the cycle to TTC when and if I get a peak a my normal cycle ranges from 21 days to around 27? I'm approaching forty, so time is not on my side!

Mollymal Sun 19-Jul-15 09:19:44

Forgot to mention: my DH thinks the prolonged high fertility reading is because I'm already pregnant. Was this the case for anyone else or is it wishful thinking? wink

sizethree Sun 19-Jul-15 09:26:16

molly HCG can be detected on OPKs so uiur DH vould be right. Pop out and get a FRER to confirm.

Mollymal Sun 19-Jul-15 09:35:39

Thanks size three, but would it give the flashing smiley face, or would it not have changed to the fixed 'peak fertility' symbol? Also, at day 19, is it not too early to test? confused!

Mollymal Mon 20-Jul-15 07:22:03

Ok. Did a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. I've done another Clearblue Dual Hormone OPK this morning and it's another high fertility. That's 9 days of high fertility and no peak yet! I'm on CD 20 and probably due on my period in the next 2-7 days. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Mollymal Mon 20-Jul-15 07:42:58

If all else fails, read the instructions! It states in a separate piece of paper (obviously they have put this in after devising the leaflet and after the trials) but in about 8% of cases, you can test for 10 days and not get a peak fertility reading. This may because I didn't get a high enough LH surge to be detected for a peak fertility reading. Oh wel, I'll try again next month! sad

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