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Have I had a chemical pregnancy?

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aquarius107 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:02:12

I think I may have had a chemical pregnancy? I have had a contraceptive implant in for 2 years and had it removed a couple of months ago so we started trying for a baby straight away i had ovulation pain around 29th and 30th of May I took a test on the 9th of June which was positive then again on the 11th of June which was negative I started bleeding late at night on the 11th all day on the 12th then just spotting on the 13th am by pm it had stopped I had slight cramps but nothing compared to what I usually have on my period I'm scared to take another test too soon incase the hcg hormone is still there and I maybe get a false positive anyway I'm just wondering if this sounds like a chemical pregnancy? I have no idea when my period would be due as I never had one while I had the contraceptive implant any help would be appreciated thanks

novinophobia Tue 16-Jun-15 13:17:43

Hi Aquarius, sorry to hear you've been through this

I think you probably have had a chemical pregnancy, it certainly sounds that way. If you are worried it is probably worth speaking to your GP for clarification. I probably would check another test this week, but I expect it will be negative if indeed you have had a chemical pg

On a positive note, if you've had a bleed this might be the start of your cycle starting to get regular, so you have hopefully 'come off' the implant successfully :-)

aquarius107 Tue 16-Jun-15 19:45:33

Thank you for the reply novinophobia i did another test today and it came back negative but like you said at least this is maybe the star of my cycle becoming regular and we can try again x

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