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Positive test after bleeding

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WhiteWolf Sun 07-Jun-15 12:14:49

Hi all, I need some advice as I am very confused.

I had a chemical pregnancy my last cycle. My doctor gave me oestrogen and progesterone to support potential future pregnancies which I started the day I got a positive ovulation test. Exactly a week after I started spotting for four days (I thought it could be implantation) but the 5th day there was a lot of blood (really a lot)! I contacted my doctor and asked me to take a pregnancy test to discard that it was another chemical and I did and it was negative.

I assumed this was a very heavy period due to the hormones (which I stopped taking). The heavy bleeding lasted for 2 days then I spotted for 2. Two days after that I decided to start checking my ovulation and it showed positive, very confusing to be ovulating so close to my period (and previous ovulation). SO for some reason I decided to do a pregnancy test and it was positive (cheap amazon test). The day after I tried with the digital and shows pregnant 1-2, and an obvious visible line on cheep one but not as dark as the control line.

This was yesterday and I woke up this morning with very subtle camps but tbh I don't have any pregnancy symptoms as much as I look for them. I tested again and reads the same, not darker not fainter. I am very frustrated because I was ready to move on this cycle and start fresh. Now I don't even know where I am in my cycle as everything shows positive and there's no more bleeding.

So it could be that my pregnancy hormone levels are are high because my body got confused but why were't they there when the bleeding if I was miscarrying?

I had a stillbirth last year at 32 weeks and I am finding this so painful, try to keep strong but it doesn't help that I don't talk to anybody (except my loving but inpatient partner). Any thoughts or advice please?

MrsPCR Sun 07-Jun-15 14:40:27

Sorry to hear about the still birth white wolf. To me you sound pregnant. If the test is saying 1-2 weeks.... I've heard that the no. Of weeks thing is often not as accurate as you might expect, with people panicking that 2 weeks later it's still 1-2. If you look at charts for how much HCG is produced days post implantation, it can vary majorly from woman to woman, but all are healthy. You also hear of women who don't get a positive until their period is 5+ days late.

Also, apparently positive opks late in the cycle can be an indication of pregnancy or something with women using those when they've not got any pg tests.

Remember pregnancy tests test for HCG, not progesterone. You have to have a baby growing in you to produce HCG. The progesterone is to support the pregnancy. You need sufficient progesterone levels to stay pregnant, but they have nothing to do with a pregnancy test.

If I were you, I would see your doc tomorrow. He might need you to take the progesterone. I have heard of some women genuinely believing the blood flow was strong enough to be a period and turn out to have healthy pregnancies.

Fingers crossed and see the doctor asap in case you are pregnant and need hel ensuring it sticks! Good luck.

WhiteWolf Sun 07-Jun-15 15:52:50

Thanks MrsPCR! It's nice to hear positive comments, the bleeding was super heavy though so I struggle to believe that it could have been implantation. I'll contact my doctor tmw and keep you posted.

I kind of had given up but it's true that if still pregnant I need to see doc to make sure it sticks.


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