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Second half of the May ladies journey, another bank holiday and more BFPs :)

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TeenieDeenie Mon 18-May-15 09:02:12

Couldn't find the 2nd May bus, is there one? Thought I'd kick off the second part of our May journey smile Anyone poas over the weekend?

birchygoo Mon 18-May-15 17:45:14

hi Teenie I've been on the lookout for one but couldn't find it so thanks for restarting. I'm back at cd9 today.

any bfp?

Brooke113 Mon 18-May-15 18:13:59

There is another one, can't do links on my phone, but it starts with "it's staying light longer... smile

Rachelc82 Mon 18-May-15 23:03:14

Hi I'm cd12. About to go into tww.

Sarah563 Sun 24-May-15 19:51:40

I've lost my May bus confused - is this the right page??

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