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Care to share your symptoms...I am going crazy!

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Ymamiss Sun 08-Feb-15 21:23:32

I couldn't really find a thread on here dedicated to just crazy-symptom spotting...
Here are mine, please feel free to comment/share your own smile

I used OPKs for the first time this month, been ttc for our first baby since August. I found that I only got a faint positive on one day, but we did the SMEP dtd every day after suspected ovulation until now...

~ AF style cramps since about a week now (think I am around 11dpo) but they also feel quite sore, like more of a muscle pain iykwim...
~ a few sharp take-your-breath-away shooting pains 'down there' and one hell of a pain lasting a few seconds on the right side of my abdomen, that was on Friday.
~tiredness (although can't remember if this is a new thing or whether I just want to feel it!)
~ constant lower backache
~ very hungry and sometimes feeling nauseous until I eat something.
~ feeling quite wet down there (tmi!) when I go to the toilet.
~ frequent urination (again, not sure if it's more than usual), and my pee is very yellow.

I'm due on AF on the 13th according to 'my days' app but my cramps are constant.
I also don't have sore boobs, I have poked them a few times in hope haha!
No spotting either, is it true that you have to spot to experience implantation?

Thanks for reading!

crazypuglady Sun 08-Feb-15 22:17:52

Nope, don't need to have had spotting for AF.

11dpo but not due AF till 13th seems like a long gap. Are you sure about the dates?

If it helps, I got BFP yesterday at 11dpo..... grin and I had most of those symptoms.

SergeantJarhead Sun 08-Feb-15 23:35:02

Damn you and your lovely BFP Crazy! 13 sticks I've peed on! Negative, every bloody one (Or why else would I continue lol). Congrats!
Op, I've got headaches, nausea, backache, period-like cramps, frequent urination but no sore boobs. Fun times smile

MrsG23 Mon 09-Feb-15 00:31:16

Crazy - CONGRATS?!

I started with cramping, back ache and spotting Brown stuff 1 week before period due and 6 dpo. Itchy boobs and sore nipples. High Temps.
BFN every day since. Due on SUnday/Monday (8th/9th)... Spotted bright red @ 1800 and nothing since. Temp remains high when it should be dropping if AF due?

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