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Spare set of eyes please

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sleepyMe12 Mon 02-Feb-15 12:30:48

Took a test today (not first morning wee) and I don't know if I'm seeing a line or just what I want to see after a mmc in December.
Opinions please smile

HesMyLobster Mon 02-Feb-15 12:33:16

I see a line! Congratulations! flowers

Nolim Mon 02-Feb-15 12:33:21

I may be seeing a faint line. Maybe try in the morning? Or one of the digital tests?

MrsLowe14 Mon 02-Feb-15 12:35:11

I see a line flowers flowers

Wellwellwell3holesintheground Mon 02-Feb-15 12:43:51

Yep, there's a line.

Northumberlandlass Mon 02-Feb-15 12:46:20

I see a faint line too smile

WipsGlitter Mon 02-Feb-15 12:50:18

Very faint, but yes a line!

sleepyMe12 Mon 02-Feb-15 12:51:49

Thank you for the replies will re test in morning smile

jellypi3 Mon 02-Feb-15 13:48:51

I see a line but I can't see any color, maybe retest in the morning with another FRER (don't use a digi at this stage, they are really inaccurate)

Number3cometome Tue 03-Feb-15 10:16:11

I'm not sure about this test - it seems to have several lines all over the place without colour.

Do a FRER today, I wouldn't want to get your hopes up with a dodgy test.

Best of luck OP and let us know how you got on!

sleepyMe12 Tue 03-Feb-15 12:29:14

Here's todays test, bit stronger the left test is yesterday's.

sleepyMe12 Tue 03-Feb-15 12:31:04

*top not left blush

catchingzzzeds Tue 03-Feb-15 12:33:00

I see a line, congratulations!

cookielove Tue 03-Feb-15 12:36:13

Oooh what lovely lines smile congratulations!

Sorelip Tue 03-Feb-15 12:37:40

Congratulations flowers

Nolim Tue 03-Feb-15 12:41:33

The bottom one has a stronger line than the top one.

rooroo32 Tue 03-Feb-15 12:52:50

Both are a def yes! congrats!

ShelleyI15 Tue 03-Feb-15 13:27:59

Aw congrats! Defiantly a line for you x

Number3cometome Tue 03-Feb-15 14:48:30

Ahh yeah defo a positive! Congratulations!

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