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lilworthy Wed 21-Jan-15 22:23:02

Need some advice I have been on the mini pill for 5 years I missed two pills on the 9th and 10th and had also had unprotected sex most of the week what are the chances of being pregnant been having problem since this happened like feeling sick sore boobs abdominal pain and every thing also having pain that you would get with gallstones I'm confused on when to test for pregnancy its not two weeks until Saturday coming help

sizethree Thu 22-Jan-15 18:34:14

Hi lilworthy. It depends a lot on what time this happened in your cycle. The most likely time to fall pregnant is around the time of ovulation. About 7-10 days after the first day of your period. If you had unprotected sex during this time, there is a chance that you've fallen pregnant. When is your period due? You can get a positive pregnancy test result a couple of days before your period is due. The first response ones are the most sensitive from my experience.
I hope you get the result you want. And there's skways a lot of loveky women on these pages offering help and support and experience. There's also a section called Pregnancy Choices which may be of interest, depending on which result you get and if you are happy with it or not. C

lilworthy Thu 22-Jan-15 23:54:58

I haven't had a period since I've been on the mini pill that was 5 years ago I had one, so I'm not sure where I am in my cycle or if I'm due a period or not but my doctors said the most risky day for me to get pregnant was the Saturday

sizethree Fri 23-Jan-15 09:12:03

If you had unprotected sex on Saturday the 10th of Jan and your doc said that was likely to me your most fertile day, then as its nearly two weeks later, you'll definitely get an accurate result on a test. So the only way for a definitive answer is to take a pregnancy test. Use your wee from first thing in the morn as it's the most concentrated for a definitive result.
Hope you get the result you want. Please let us know. X

sizethree Sun 25-Jan-15 10:57:18

Did you do a test? Hope you're ok. flowers

lilworthy Mon 26-Jan-15 01:31:03

No thought I would wait another week

sizethree Mon 26-Jan-15 13:44:55

Glad you're not too concerned then.

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