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Looking for information about ttc after coming off the pill

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sammylou1 Sun 18-Jan-15 12:29:36

Hi All

I'm a little embarrassed to be asking this now as we have been ttc for 14 months already, but here it goes...

After I came off the pill I went straight back to regular 29 day cycles (varies by a day either way) so assumed that meant I was now fertile, but 14 months down the line I'm beginning to wonder? I know the pill works in several ways, stops ov, stops lining build up etc. so with that in mind is it possible that I was ovulating straight away but other things (lining etc.) weren't ready?

Maybe I'm just clutching at straws???

HollyJenni Sun 18-Jan-15 21:30:16

You could always go to the doctor for advice. Were you on the pill? X

sammylou1 Sun 18-Jan-15 22:10:53

Um yeah, for 9 years.
We have started investigations, I'm just being impatient and trying to find out as much as I can. X

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