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Cycle Confusion!

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LiveLaughLove2015 Sun 28-Dec-14 13:45:55

Hi all
New on here and looking for some advice if anyone can help.
We've been ttc for 6 months now (I know that's not a very long time). My cycle has been varying in length from 28 days to 35 so I decided to use ovulation tests for my last cycle. I didn't ovulate until cd26 this month. I'm now on day 35 (just 9 days after ovulating) and I'm experiencing discomfort in lower abdomen like my period is about to start yesterday and today. From what I've been reading I shouldn't expect my period until day 40 (14 days after ovulation). Is this an indication that there are fertility problems if my period is coming so soon after ovulation?
Any shared experiences would be really appreciated.
Thanks. X x

dizzylemon Sun 28-Dec-14 17:14:01


And I wish I could offer you straight answers but unfortunately not sad

I got a positive opk tuesday 23rd (cycle day 38) and had cramps yesterday (day 42,) though it was localised to my ovary but no AF...

I've heard that opks aren't that great an indicator of ovulation and bbt monitoring is better...mine has been more or less steady all cycle. I've also hears that ovarys can reattempt ovulation if it doesn't happen and wonder if that's been happening.

The annoying thing for me is I'm waiting for a blood test that I can only have in first few days of cycle. I'm not usually so keen to get AF smile They've said possible pcos but I'm unconvinced. I think I may need longer for settled cycles.

Everyone is so different though and i don't want to second guess anything. You should see a GP if you're worried. I did, though that was mainly because I have one factory left smile

LiveLaughLove2015 Sun 28-Dec-14 18:45:51

Thanks for responding dizzylemon.
I know that my gp is likely to tell me that until I've been trying for a year there's nothing they will do.
As I'm in my 30s I'm getting a little anxious that there could be something wrong.
Today I started with the idea that the cramps I'm feeling could be an early sign of pregnancy as the longest cycle I've had is 35 days (that's what I am today) but I know that's just wishful thinking as usual!
I think like yourself I maybe just need a few more months to regulate.
I really hope you're not left waiting too much longer and the results of your blood tests show that there's nothing wrong. smile Best of luck with it all.

Violetta999 Sun 28-Dec-14 18:50:41

9 days post ovulation could be implantation. With all four of mine I felt a sort of pain about 9/10 dpo.

After a year of TTC do request a day 21 progesterone test from your GP to check for ovulation.

IBrokeTheInternetB4itWasCool Sun 28-Dec-14 19:03:47

Sounds exactly like when I was pg - implantation pains (feels just like period pain). Give it a few more days and test mid-week. Good luck.

LiveLaughLove2015 Sun 28-Dec-14 19:40:11

Thanks Violetta999

As this is the first time I'm ttc I have no idea what things are likely to feel like. The feeling I have can be compared to the feeling I get just as my period is about to start although a little less intense and more constant. Twinges yesterday and this discomfort all day today but no sign of AF.

I did make sure we were busy just before and at the time I had positive Opk so was desperately hoping we'd be lucky this time but when I started feeling this discomfort I figured that was it and with getting a period so soon after apparent ovulation assumed there is something wrong as I've read that you period is supposed to be 14 DPO confused. Kicking myself for leaving it so late to try. sad
Thanks For your advice

LiveLaughLove2015 Sun 28-Dec-14 19:46:31

Thanks very much! Desperate for some luck smile

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