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At home man tests

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pocopearl Mon 15-Dec-14 09:21:46

Has anyone tried the at home man sperm tests (obv not you but Dps/DHs)? My DH tried one last night and results were not that good. We are ttc no 2 for a while. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and have had one mc, but have been trying for about 15 months. DS1 only took 3 months. Not sure if to believe the test or if its just me.

pocopearl Mon 15-Dec-14 16:37:50


NoSnotAllowed Mon 15-Dec-14 16:40:32

My DH did one when we were trying for DC1. It seemed to work well. Sample had to turn pink for a good speed count - his went very livid pink, think he was quite proud I himself!

Turned out I had polycystic ovaries, took us about 2 years to conceive DC1, but then DC2 came along straight after without even trying blush

NoSnotAllowed Mon 15-Dec-14 16:40:59

Sperm not speed...obviously!

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Mon 15-Dec-14 16:56:10

My OH did 3 - all negative. They only tell you if the count per ml is above 20milliom or not. Not very useful information as there is so much more to sperm than that. I would recommend you not to waste your money and have a proper sperm analysis instead. Turned out that my OH only has 10.5mil per ml but he has a much higher number of "good" sperm than most guys with count above 20 million. If you can't wait for the NHS one, you will be able to get a private test at around £75. Lots of luck flowers

sammylou1 Mon 15-Dec-14 21:36:59

Our doctor told us not to bother with the home tests. They can be inaccurate and only look at count when they do work anyway so don't provide enough information.
Much better to get it done properly at a clinic. X

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