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BFP 3 days after AF arrives?

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Blueskygirl30 Wed 19-Nov-14 20:47:26

I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some advice. I have been ttc for 6 months now and on Sunday (10dpo) I got a very very faint positive on a FRER, that afternoon I had light bleeding but by Monday morning I had really heavy bleeding, exactly like I would expect from AF. I had spotting yesterday and today (either 13dpo or cd4) and have just done another FRER and it's a definite positive. My mind has immediately gone to chemical pregnancy but the line has increased in darkness a lot since Sunday so I don't really know what to think, any thoughts would be gratefully received.

spamanderson Wed 19-Nov-14 21:25:56

It could be implantation bleed or chem preg. The positive would still show up for a little while. Might be worth popping to the drs who might want to do a blood test to be sure? I had a early miscarriage or chem pregnancy before I had our 2nd child and my line did get fainter not darker so fingers crossed it coud be implantation. X

Blueskygirl30 Wed 19-Nov-14 21:34:28

Thank you, I'll try and get an appointment tomorrow and get them to do a blood test so I can hopefully find out either way.

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