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Has anyone had a false negative hpt after period was due?

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needleandthread Wed 12-Nov-14 20:19:32

Hi everyone, I've just registered with MN and am completely new so sorry if this post is in the wrong place!

We've been ttc child 2 for almost 2 years now. My cycles are not always completely regular, but are usually around the 32-33 day long mark. I am now on day 36 with no period. I sometimes spot before AF makes an appearance, but it always comes within a day or so of spotting starting. I have been spotting now on and off for 1 week (not enough to reach my knickers - just when I wipe) and have very sore heavy / breasts. I was really hoping that I might be pregnant but got a bfn this morning (first thing) - I was gutted.

My question is: has anyone had a bfn after their period was due followed by a bfp? Or am I just wishful thinking? If you have, how long did it take to get a bfp? We are booked in for an IVF consultation in a weeks time so this all seems pretty big right now. Many thanks in advance smile

AlexD72 Thu 13-Nov-14 19:34:23

The waiting game! You can have implantation spotting. I never did but it happens. I think you will need to wait a little longer. I tested on day five of my overdue period. I got a clear blue test that can tell you really soon after a missed period. Fingers crossed.

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