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Periods after Depo Provera injection

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lindsay7777 Mon 12-Apr-04 12:25:22

Looking for advice from those who have had the Depo Provera injection for birth control. I had 2 injections (Oct and Jan) and have now skipped my 3rd as DH and I want to start trying again this summer. Still BFing DS 4 times a day. Wondering how long it will take to get my period?

So, questions:
1. How many injections did you have before you stopped?
2. How long was it before you got your period after you missed the injection?
3. Anyone out there take the injection like me for birth control during Breastfeeding, and if so as many details as possible please on how long before your period, how often baby was feeding etc.


InternationalGirl Mon 12-Apr-04 22:01:58

Hi Lindsay7777
I was on Depo Provera for awhile - thought I would prefer it as there seemed to be less maintenance than the Pill.

This was a few years ago but from memory I was on DP for about 12 months. Went on DEPO after birth of DD2. Sorry I can't share info on breastfeeding as I wasn't breastfeeding with DD2 as we could not get breastfeeding established (was the shape of her mouth causing the difficulties) and by day 4 she was starving and jaundiced and we decided right then and there she was going on the bottle for all our sanities!!

My DH and I decided to stop the DP injection because of mood swings and for some reason it caused a strange body odor. Had to stop it!! Stopped, went back on the pill and was a couple of months before body was back to regular periods. Just turned 35 so feel we should look at alternative to the pill - soon as I can convince him probably 'the snip' for him. EEEEk - he says.

Sorry I couldn't help more - all the best for trying again!! The practice will be fun anyway!

popsycal Mon 12-Apr-04 22:05:44

I had 2 injections about 4 years ago and it totally messed every thing up. There was another thread on this afew months ago.

answers to your questions:
1. 2
2. ages and ages and ages - and took 21 months to conceive afterwards (but may be for another reason as this was my first)
3. haven't had another injection since giving birth - and would not

Moomin Wed 14-Apr-04 09:37:48

I also contributed to the last thread and I'm afraid it's largely negative. I had the depo injections for 18 months and it took me one whole year to get a period. It totally messed my hormones up. Having said that, a friend of mine was on it for much longer than me and got hers back within 2 months. It's very hard to compare your own experiences with other women's because everyone's body reacts differently to hormones. My FPC nurse told me that I was obviously very sensitive to hormonal changes and it wasn't the best choice for me in retrospect. In fact the nurse said that some doctors are reluctant to prescribe it to anyone who's thinking about trying to conceive within the next few years. Needless to say, opinion is very divided and some doctors feel it's ok. I know this isn't particularly helpful for you and I hope I haven't worried you, but the top and bottom of it is that it may take a while to get your periods back but it's impossible for anyone to predict. Good luck X

moniker Wed 14-Apr-04 10:45:58

Hi. I had my last depo injection just before Christmas and should have had the next on the 15th March. I was on it for just over two years since DS2 was born so had about 9 injections I think. I haven't had a period yet but it has only been six weeks. In fact I'm quite happy not to have one because we won't be TTC again. I just got a bit worried about depo itself and potential long term effects. I'm also taking St John's Wort as I read here somewhere that it can help with hormonal changes and depression. HTH moniker x

lindsay7777 Thu 15-Apr-04 10:17:06

Do you know, I REALLY wish my doctor had warned me about this before I had the injections... I could have had the mini pill instead but thought I might forget (especially as it's so specific timing) since I hadn't been taking a Pill for such a while (over a year). They didn't tell me that I might have problems conceiving or getting my period back!

I know I could get my period any day and things would be fine, but that's not the point... they didn't give me all the information, and if that stops us having kids when we'd like to, then that makes me angry. DH just says we'll have to wait and see, but we really want to get pregnant in a 4-month window this summer from August onwards (in order for DH to have maximum time off when Baby 2 is born since another Caesarean might be likely...) so I'll be mad if either we miss our window (and end up having a baby when DH cannot take much time off to help) or have to wait another whole year for the same window to come around...

lindsay7777 Thu 15-Apr-04 10:18:37

Thanks Moniker... I'll have to look into whether I can take St. Johns Wort while breastfeeding since I'm sure I read somewhere that you can't (and I'm still breastfeeding). But if I can I will be going to the herbal store soon!

lindsay7777 Tue 20-Apr-04 21:24:03

Just wanted to add that my period came today... hooray!... so thankfully not too many worries about having to wait because of the injections...

aj121uk Wed 28-Apr-04 16:43:50

Hiya Ladies ... Im new here. I stopped the depo injection last July after been on it for 21 months, and Im patiently awaiting my first period. I lost my sex drive when I stopped depo and my breasts are so heavy. Has anyone else suffered from this at all ?

Moomin Wed 28-Apr-04 19:24:27

I stopped having the depo in the January. I met dh in October and by Xmas I really thought I was pg by him. My boobs were really painful and heavy and I felt nauseous. Can't comment on the sex drive as we'd just met so were at it like rabbits! I think I had about 6 pg tests at that time as I was CONVINCED I was pg. However, by Jan had had my 1st period and the nurse at the FPC said she thought it was the hormones in my body getting ready for the period that caused the pg-like symptoms. Maybe your period is - at last - on its way! Good luck x

lindsay7777 Fri 07-May-04 16:41:16

Not sure I've had any of the symptoms you've had... but when you have a young baby (8 months) it's hard to tell what are symptoms from something and what is just tiredness, stress, etc.!

However... this first period was REALLY light (like 1 tampon a day, and that wasn't full), lasted REALLY long (2 weeks), finally went away Tuesday 4/5/04 only to rear it's ugly head again today! What's up with this? Anyone else had similar with their first period after stopping the injection?

stamford Fri 07-May-04 16:58:51

lindsay, I stopped those injections last year. I stopped them because I was 'bleeding through' them. When I came off them I had a constant period for around a month and then a period every 2 weeks (lasting 5 days) for 4 months. Only now have mine gone back to normal 6 week spacing (so its taken around 9 months).

Incidentally aj, my sex drive also disappeared when I was on it and even when I switched to the pill my sex drive was non-existent (never had this problem with birth control before I had my 2 kids). Since I have been off all birth control my sex drive has returned with avengeance! Keep meaning to post on the I hate sex thread because I do believe that hormonally, you become so different after kids and birth control seems to have a more drastic effect -it may be something that affects your sex drive without you realising (I certainly didn't!).

aly10 Sat 22-May-04 13:05:25

Hi, I am new to this site and am relieved to find other people in the same situation as me. I was on the depo injection for five years, and stopped injections just under two years ago (June 2002) so that we could try for a baby. I waited 18 months before having any kind of period at all. Since then (Jan 2004)I have had three periods in total, which have been spaced from 48 to sixty days apart. This has all been incredibly frustrating and I whole-heartedly wish that I had never had the injections, and that I had been told more about the side effects in the first place.
I was referred to an infertility clinic several months ago. The consultant says there is nothing wrong with me, but I simply have to wait out the long lasting suppression effects that the injection had on my hormones. My oestrogen levels have now returned from non - existant to normal, but I suspect I am still not ovulating. I am seeing the specialist again soon, and will probably be given clomiphene to help get things regular again. And hopefully help me conceive!
Good luck, I hope it does not take nearly as long for you. Everyone reacts differently to the injection, it seems very unpredictable. I just drew the short straw I think!

aj121uk Tue 06-Jul-04 16:46:17

Hooray my periods have returned since I last wrote. Taken about a year since my last depo injection. My period is lasting for 10-12 days then I get a week off with a sex drive at last ! So its 2 weeks on and 1 week off at the moment so its not looking to bad. I hope everyone else is muddling through, and send my best regards.

Thomcat Tue 06-Jul-04 16:48:18

phew! i went to fpc the other day as havn't had anything since last inject last November!

twinklemummy Wed 27-Apr-05 12:50:48

hi there

how long has it taken for you ttc since

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