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Late period, negative pregnancy test...confused?!

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WishingIWasLucky Tue 09-Sep-14 10:29:40

Normally I am regular as clockwork-28 day cycle. However, I am now 8 days late, cd 36... And pregnancy test still negative... With no sign of af. I had sore swollen breasts and cramping last week...all impending signs of period which failed to arrive. No symptoms of period or pregnancy now. Anyone had any experience of this?

xBlueberry88x Tue 09-Sep-14 15:38:07

This happened to me once turned out it was the vitamins I was taking, I didnt take them the next month and I was fine!!

WishingIWasLucky Mon 15-Sep-14 11:10:41

Still negative tests, still waiting....either way:-(

gemsparkle84 Mon 15-Sep-14 11:48:23

WishingIWasLucky did your period arrive?! I'm currently on cd36 with negative tests too! X

FlourArranger Mon 15-Sep-14 11:56:51

I'm on day 32 with negative tests too... I am taking vitamins, but I have been for a while & no problems. Maybe I will stop taking them this month & see what happens.

gemsparkle84 Mon 15-Sep-14 12:07:37

What kind of vitamins are they? I didn't realise they could interfere with period?

FlourArranger Mon 15-Sep-14 12:21:35

I'm taking Zita West's conception ones, but you're supposed to take 3 a day & I'm only taking 1, so I wouldn't have thought it would be having such a big effect, but who knows? confused

I don't feel like I'm about to come on, but I don't really feel pregnant either. Either way, I am very hormonal, but I just don't think I'm getting a BFP this month - my appetite is reduced, if anything, which is a big clue! wink

WishingIWasLucky Mon 15-Sep-14 14:56:57

Nope... No period yet, on cd 42... Of a 28 day cycle. Feel very emotional, lower backache, tender breasts (come and go)... And constantly hungry, but also feel sick. Dizzy spells too. If no improvement will see doctor next week...

WishingIWasLucky Tue 16-Sep-14 19:32:28

Still no period :-( heartburn and sore nipples persist....

nicg85 Tue 16-Sep-14 20:59:31

Hi wishiwaslucky. My cycles are normally about 37 days long and today I'm on cd54 with still no god dam period! Done several preg tests and all bfn's hmm
It was getting me down not knowing what was going on with my body so went to docs yesterday. I've had some blood tests done to check thyroid and other stuff so should get my results on Thursday.
I know I'm still none the wiser but it's put my mind at rest for the moment knowing I'm getting things checked out.

Nic xx

gemsparkle84 Tue 16-Sep-14 21:58:11

Period for me today angry enjoying a couple of glasses of wine because I needed them and on the plus side I actually got a promotion I had applied for a work. smile maybe next month.... Fingers crossed xxx

WishingIWasLucky Wed 17-Sep-14 08:53:51

Thanks for the update girlies. Please update with the blood tests nik. Congrats on the promotion gem, fingers crossed for BFPs in very near future. Moi....still waiting....

nicg85 Wed 17-Sep-14 12:20:11

Hi wishingiwaslucky. Just rung for my blood tests and they have all come back fine. Obviously I'm pleased about this but still doesn't explain what's going on with my body and why my period is still not here. Got to go back to docs to discuss. I think I read somewhere about some form of meds you can take to bring on your period or do I just leave nature to take its course? I'm very impatient though so want to crack on with trying!! Anyone had a similar situation??

Let me know about your test results when you hear.

Nic xx

ImpatiencePersonified Wed 17-Sep-14 12:48:52

Day 54 ladies... AF has just arrived.

nicg85 Wed 17-Sep-14 12:59:36

At least it's arrived. Now you can focus on your next cycle and ttc!
Still let me know what your bloods say.


ImpatiencePersonified Wed 17-Sep-14 13:29:30

will do lovely xx

nicg85 Sat 20-Sep-14 20:41:35


So I'm on cd58 and still no af. My blood test results were all fine so not sure what to do now? Going to make an appointment for docs on Monday and see what they suggest.
Does anyone know what they are actually testing for when they take your blood? Does it mean that my reproductive system is working fine if my results are ok?
Because af is still not here what do you reckon the docs will suggest to do next?

Thanks, Nic

WishingIWasLucky Mon 03-Nov-14 10:35:40 period came on day 78?! Bloods had come back as normal prior to af? Pregnancy possible according to gp... Not convinced though!

Choccyhobnob Mon 03-Nov-14 13:19:30

Sometimes our bodies just play tricks on us and you can skip a period for no reason at all. My last few cycles have been 31, 31, 29, 52!, 35 and now 40 with no sign....

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