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June Bus/Penis Dragon plane to Thailand continues... PART 2

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hanflan Thu 05-Jun-14 08:39:21

New thread...

hanflan Thu 05-Jun-14 08:41:25

I was trying to congratulate viper and the thread had maxed out! Hope you don't mind me making a new one smile

Anyway CONGRATS viper! I bloody knew it, what with all the Lucas and all ;) and that's one hell of a good line on your frer!

Stepawayfromthezebras Thu 05-Jun-14 08:52:06

Ooh, shiny bus plane!! Thanks Hanflan & CONGRATS Viper smile

I'll bung the stats that Kitty updated in:

EnglishGirlsReturned (Zwanger) BFP 12th May
Newboots86 BFP 25th May
misstiggiwinkle BFP 28th May
MrsBeeBeeBee, BFP 4th June
Viperama 38, BFP 4th June

Waiting for BFPs

Rainbow555 TTC #1, bike #2 BFP due June 1st
Nottalotta 36, TTC #1 bike #13, BFP Due 2nd June
cavamonster 36, ttc#1, mc dec11, mmc mar 12, mmc feb 14, BFP due 2nd June
MrsVWSM28, 29, TTC #1 bike #5 - BFP due 3rd June
ToriB34 TTC #1, bike #1, BFP Due 5th – 9th June
Bellaboo88 26, TTC #1, clean slate bike #1 BFP Due 6th June
Crispsandchoc, 29, TTC #1, bike #3, BFP due 6th June
Macmissy, 33, TTC #1, bike #2, AF/BFP due 6th June
KatieGator, 34, TTC #1, bike #2, BFP due maybe 7th June
Sammyj85, 29 TTC #1 bike 4 BFP due 7th June
Fingerscrossed36, TTC #2, bike ?? BFP due 7th June
TheGrandHighWitch TTC #3, bike #1, BFP due on or after 7th June
Aprilray 33, TTC #1, bike #6, BFP due 7-9 June
Nordicmom 38, TTC #3 , bike #7 , BFP due 8-11 June
Waffleyversatile TTC #1, bike #2, BF due 9th June
Teakind 27, TTC #1, bike #2. BFP Due 10th June
cth1982 TTC#1, bike #6, BFP due June 11th
June2014BFP bike BFP Due 11th June
hanflan TTC#1, bike #3, BFP due 12th June
kurama 26, TTC#1 bike 21ish BFP due 12th June
KittyVonCatsington 33, TTC #1, bike #7 (cycle 3 early mc), BFP 13th June
PickledPorcupine TTC#1, bike #1, BFP due 13th June
Cowbiscuits TTC#2, bike #5, AF/BFP due approx 13th June
Owlie84 TTC #1 bike #12 BFP due June 14th
Mama31 TTC#2 bike #13! BFP 14th June
Mistywillow17 32, TTC #1, bike #2, BFP due 14th June
kittenmamma TTc #1, bike #1, BFP due 15th June
EagerBeaver101 20, TTC#1, BFP due 15th June
Stepawayfromthezebras 35 TTC # 1 bike #11 BFP due 16th June
laurano81 32, TTC #2, bike #7, BFP due June 16th
Spotti 24 TTC #1, bike 6 BFP due about 15-20th June
Toothachereturns, 36. TTC #3 bike #4 (mc cycle#3). BFP due 16th June.
ChandlersFarang , TTC #1, bike #3, BFP approx 17th June.
Chococroc TTC #1, bike 4, BFP due around 17th June
MiniLop 25, TTC #1, bike #1, BFP 17th June
Mustbeduesomebetterfeet, 36, TTC #2, bike #2, BFP due 17th June
Cress76 24 TTC #1 bike 6, BFP due 17th June
Peaches89 25, TTC #1, bike 2 BFP due 17th June
Freckles79 35, TTC #1, bike #3, BFP due 19th-ish June
Floweryboots 32, TTC #3, bike #1, BFP due - 22 June ish
xBlueberry88x 25, TTC 1 bike 15, BFP due 21st June
rambini TTC#1 bike #6 BFP due 22nd June
spinningirl10 TTC #3, bike 11, BFP due 22nd June
jdear, age 26/almost 27, TTC#1, bike 2 BFP due around 24th June
gennibugs TTC #1 bike 6 BFP due 25th June
50degreesintheshade TTC #2, bike #3, BFP 25th June
silverine 31, TTC # 3, (#1&2 MCs) bike #12 (bike 9 CP/early MC), BFP due 26th June
Pyrowall 35, TTC#2, bike #1, BFP mid-June?
Wineandchoccy, 33, TTC#1 bike #8, mmc cycle 7, BFP due ??
MrsExcited TTC #1 for bike #18 months 2 mc march and oct 2013, BFP Due ???
Phoenix860 bike #8
onelifeonechance, TTC #1, bike 14! BFP end of June sometime (TBU)
freneticfox TTC #1, bike 1, BFP Due ???
kimswan1985 TTC #1
IneedaBFP TTC # 1 bike #18
sparkle17 TTC # 1, bike #1, BFP Due ???
TinyPawz 33, TTC #2, bike 3, BFP goodness knows - May AF is AWOL

Quietly Taking a Seat
MrsGingerbread TTC #1, bike 4, mc cycle 3, taking a month off to wave pompoms grin
MrsExtraOrdinary,34, TTC #6 (DC2 with DH2)
Treaclepie19 TTC#1 bike 5 (MC Cycle 4)
MissMrsMummy bike 7 TTC #1 bfp due in a couple of months!
madasacatter 24, TTC #2
pocopearl TTC #2

lindamagoo Thu 05-Jun-14 08:52:43

Just popping in to say a massive congrats to Viper thanks

hanflan Thu 05-Jun-14 08:59:45

Thanks for doing that stepaway, I was on my phone on the bus so couldn't cope with adding the stats as well haha

spinningirl10 Thu 05-Jun-14 08:59:51

Thanks for the new bus/plane to Thailandgrin

Rainbow555 Thu 05-Jun-14 09:05:00

So... I am on cd28, last cycle was 24 days so am now four day overdue juding on previous length. Tested last on Monday and it was bfn.
I presume I just wait for af to arrive? I have no af symptoms at all!
It's only second cycle since stopping the pill so I guess it could be messed up? confused

Wineandchoccy Thu 05-Jun-14 09:07:02

Thanks for the new bus/plane I wish I was really going to Thailand today it sounds better than an industrial estate in Leeds!!

Well I spoke to soon on the previous bus, AF has just arrived but at least it should have finished by the time I go on holiday next week. I will stay on the bus though because I still don't know when AF/BFP will next be due because my cycles were never the same before my mc so god knows what they going to be like now.

Spotti Thu 05-Jun-14 09:07:38

Panic attack over! I thought I'd actually have to search for you guys! (Luckily the whole penis dragon thing makes us quite easy to spot on the conception boards wink).

Woohoo for viper!!!

Whose next? >wanders off too look at the newly posted stats list (cheers stepaway)<

Stepawayfromthezebras Thu 05-Jun-14 09:09:20

np Hanflan teamwork innit smile

freneticfox Thu 05-Jun-14 09:12:59

Congrats viperama, so happy for you!

bellaboo88 - I'm now on CD32, no sign of AF, but immense cramping. Still showing negative on tests, so I guess I'm in limbo for now -_-

silverine Thu 05-Jun-14 09:17:13

Congratulations viperama! Your stats and symptoms should make for an interesting read.
Roll on the bfps!

MrsExtraOrdinary Thu 05-Jun-14 09:20:16

Congratulations viper! thanks

MrsExtraOrdinary Thu 05-Jun-14 09:24:07

I think af is arriving finally on cd40! That is a record! shock Oh the stress! Lol

FloweryBoots Thu 05-Jun-14 09:24:17

Wow, two in one day, Whoop Whoop. Congratulations. And a shiney new thread. I can't keep up.

I was just thinking I'd like this cycle to hurry up and be over and bugger off so I can have a better try next one. Feel like we got it all rather wrong this time round (spermecidal lube, wooops, DH away for 4 days, I've never tracked CM before but was vaguley aware of it being different sometimes then I want to pay it some attention and it's buggered off entirely). Then when I didn't really want sex last night DH went back to his old 'maybe 2 is enough adn we shouldn't bother with number 3' worries bassed on neither of us being very up for sex just then and him feeling we should be excited about it making a baby so wanting to do it and making the effort. I pointed out it was CD 22 or something and so highly likely to be too late and therfore being too tired and wanting sleep was more of a priority that patricular evening for me! (we did it any way, it was pretty terrible).

But then actually, two BFPs on the bus/plane adn it's cheered me right up!!

FloweryBoots Thu 05-Jun-14 09:25:22

Ah sorry MrsE. I have no idea how long my cycle is likely to be but must be more annoying than ever if they are usualy reasonably predictable. New cycle, new chance.

FloweryBoots Thu 05-Jun-14 09:30:15

This temping business then. Do you need a special thermometer or does a normal digital one do the job. I've got one of the hospital in the ear jobbies (you will all need one of these once you have your little ones by the way, definately worth the ££). And do you suppose I can do it without DH noticing? He doesn't like/want ttc to be too 'obsesive' by which he means doing anything to try to estimate ov is too much, but also said he'd just like to get pregnant as fast as possible! I got PG very easily with the first two but concious I'm still BFing this time and cycles not exactly regulated post number 2 yet so I think a bit of insider timing knoweldge wouldn't go a miss!

hanflan Thu 05-Jun-14 09:33:31

Oooh yes viper, stats please wink

MrsExtraOrdinary Thu 05-Jun-14 09:35:47

Flowery I don't know how you long cycle ladies don't go completely insane! I think we can definitely say I'm erratic now. I think that's probably due to my thyroid problems but my results were fairly good last time. So I'll go with STRESS as the major contributing factor!

This house thing is driving me mad. Apparently the back garden is prone to flooding! That's going to be great for my idillic chickens and earth mother gardening I was planning on! Might have to switch to ducks? confused

MrsExtraOrdinary Thu 05-Jun-14 09:41:46

Flowery I'll be doubly interested when you get your bfp. As I conceived dd while bfing (ok it was nearly 15 years ago) but all my other dc are boys, all 4. Apparently you have a higher probability of a girl when bf. I think I'd go with the temping. If you need any tips I'm sure English would be able to advise, she's super clever with basal temping. I haven't tried that tack yet.

ChandlersFarang Thu 05-Jun-14 09:48:40

Woop woop! New thread, good work hanflan! Love that the final stop is Thailand - I'm here and ready to welcome you all!! Seriously though, it's grey and rainy here today so I think England is a better place to be in June!! Fx none of you need to come over here for any interventions anyway!! grin

I had my HCG shot this morning (in my bumcheek, cheers) and my egg should hit the fallopes anytime from 22:00 tomorrow eve to early Saturday morning appaz! Mental knowing whagwan so clearly. POAS addict going cold turkey here... I am NOT ALLOWED to test before 14 days - as the HCG from the shot could still show up and give a false positive if I try any ICs early doors. So that's me told!! SYMPTOM spotting until the 21st only for me!!

When the stats go up next, could I kindly be amended to:

ChandlersFarang, 31, ttc#1, cycle #3, BFP due 21 June

gennibugs Thu 05-Jun-14 10:01:26

Aaaaaargh found you all! I didnt realise I ended the last bus!

Chandlers that is amazing that they can tell you that. I really really would love to know that level of detail. Fingers crossed.

wine bah to AF turning up but now you can enjoy your holiday without fretting at least.

I am in limbo at CD9 - blank circle on my opk this morning (should be flashing by now). We are attemtping to dtd every other day and SMEPing so we shall see. Is it weird that for some reason Im convinced before we've even started that this wont be our month?

spinningirl10 Thu 05-Jun-14 11:08:51

Wow chandler, it's all very excitinggrin

Genni, I used an ic opk yesterday and had no line at all! Very odd as I usually get a faint line getting gradually darker till cd 10/11, cd 9 today so I'm hoping I will get a faint line later as this weekend works out well for dtdwink

Nordicmom Thu 05-Jun-14 11:39:54

Has any of you used opk as preg tests? Going bit mental here on cd8 with increasing symptoms and a flashing opk on cd7 and cd8 ... Don't have a frer yet to try ...

Nordicmom Thu 05-Jun-14 11:40:50

I never seem to be able wait until cd14 to test ...

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