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bfn why you such a bastard!?

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Donttellmetorelax Thu 05-Jun-14 21:16:49

BFP are a mythological creature. You know, like Santa or a f**ing golden unicorn!

smogsville Thu 05-Jun-14 20:00:25

Hormonal hilarity: in tears watching great British menu (re d day veterans dinner). I am literally weeping! Lunatic.

smogsville Thu 05-Jun-14 19:28:48

I am never POAS again. Waste of money and so sodding frustrating. Just going to wait for an enormous belly to appear, then I'll know wink

kitkatkaty87 Thu 05-Jun-14 19:26:46

I stare for 2 long as well whilst saying what the hell am i doing!!

1moretime Thu 05-Jun-14 18:01:52

I was 11 days late last month!!!
Convinced myself i was pregnant...still think i am now lol. Af finally turned up on 7th May but light & only lasted 2 days confused 12 BFN THO!!!

LancashireTea Thu 05-Jun-14 17:34:04

They are even crapper when you're 8 days late and still getting BFNs. Especially when AF seems to have sodded off completely with no return in sight!

Good luck ladybros! x

buddhabee Thu 05-Jun-14 16:33:55

have to admit i am waiting for a late AF had it late one month (a week) and got 3 bfn and then i came on (bastard) and those were enough to put me off testing anymore lol - think i'm going to wait at least a week now - it was souldestroying!! Are you guys not worried about chemical pregancies with checking before your af is due??

1moretime Thu 05-Jun-14 14:21:44

I Lol when i read that title!!
Totally agree tho....i stare at the sticks for so long & convince myself i can see a line!!!

kitkatkaty87 Wed 04-Jun-14 13:49:52

thanks guys.
yes im weird and test before becuase i get too impatient!! All respect to you if you can hold out for AF!! smile
good luck everyone though.

Life2012 Wed 04-Jun-14 10:55:05

I know what you mean!! I'm 6 dpo and decided to chance it and test this morning and got bfn! Going to try and stop myself from poas again until Sunday/Monday at least - I'm due to start my period on 12th June so hoping that a first response test will give me good news. Sending lots of baby dust your way - hopefully it will be good news for both of us soon!!

LadyNovember Wed 04-Jun-14 10:28:28

Do you guys all test before AF is due then? I'm only on cycle 1 but was just assuming I'd test if AF was late.. Am I yet to rear my psycho head?! :P

bellaboo88 Wed 04-Jun-14 10:18:05

I'm the same kitkat, cd31, god knows what dpo as I'm not sure I even ov'd.

I've had a few months break to avoid Xmas baby/January baby so was all ready to really go for it (came off pill in Dec but not a lot of action)

Ugh!! Ive got a haul of trees/ic's/£1 tests waiting :-(

kitkatkaty87 Wed 04-Jun-14 06:57:19

I'm only 9 or 10dpo and for some insane reason started testing. I had forgotten how horrible bfns are. I don't like them and felt the need to rant about them.
They are poo. Feel free to rant here about them. I'd like to remember I'm not alone sitting on the toilet brimming with disappointment and anger!

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