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Tingling nipples, could I be pregnant?

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emilyemilyy Wed 02-Apr-14 23:30:52

Just after a bit of advice smile

My last period started on 07/03/14 and lasted 5 days. I have a regular 30 day cycle. On the 22 and 23 march (which according to my calendar would be my most fertile days) me and my bf had sex just using withdrawal.

A few days ago I noticed that when I squeezed one of my nipples, there was some sort of greyish fuid coming out. It tends to only come out when I squeeze, but a tiny bit has come out on its own as well. The last couple of days both my nipples have felt really tingly and weird throughout the day at random times. It was only when I googled about nipple discharge that it came up that it could be a sign of early pregnancy. I don't know how often that happens?

My period is due in 4 days and today I took a first response early result test which was negative and also a cheapy ebay one which was negative too. Is there a chance that I could be pregnant but it's too early to show up? I have no idea what the likelyhood that I could be pregnant is using withdrawal.

FoxHugs Thu 03-Apr-14 01:27:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mikalah09 Thu 03-Apr-14 02:19:49

I'm new to this site but I kind of been have a few symptoms lately not sure what they mean. I have a daughter already and she will be five in four months but I didn't have any symptoms with her just a missed period. I'm not sure at all since in the past I've had prego symptoms and always came up negative. This month I've been feeling a little off like something's wrong. Last week I had diarrhea followed by a little nausea I thought I was catching a stomach virus but it only lasted one day. I also been having a lot of headaches that stopped a few days ago but my main thing is the really sore boobs. They hurt every month around the time of AF but this time it's different they hurt really bad and they itches a lot. Both of them itch but it's mainly my right breast and it's close to like under my armpit where it's sore the most. AF is due tomorrow I'm trying not to read so much into my symptoms and end disappointing myself. Oh and also whenever I eat dairy products I become nauseous afterwards and I love my dairy. It feels like AF will make her arrival on time tomorrow but Im also feeling like she can come and then she's not. I don't know what to feel with these mixed feelings. Any pointers....has anyone of you felt the same way

emilyemilyy Thu 03-Apr-14 16:20:47

Thank you for the info. Looks like I just need to wait a bit, I hate waiting! lol

Fleurlur Thu 03-Apr-14 16:26:44

It might be an idea to go to the GP and get checked out anyway due to the discharge, unlikely but might be a sign of something more sinister. Don't want to scare you but better to be safe than sorry.

Mikalah09 Thu 03-Apr-14 17:19:02

Tested this morning and got my bfp so don't give up just yet AF was due to start today. I took a hpt just to be sure if I should be more concerned about the breast pain since my mom is in her final stage of cancer

emilyemilyy Thu 03-Apr-14 23:24:08

Will go to the GP if it's still happening in a week.

Just did another first response test because I'm being impatient. I think it was negative but for some reason I took it out the plastic casing to look. I left it and a little while later (the test wasn't dried out) looked again and now there is a faint pink line? I've added a pic so hope it works, although you can't see it very clearly in the picture. Could this be a positive or would it not be because it wasn't straight away?

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