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3rd time lucky??

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kitkat321 Tue 01-Apr-14 12:01:20

I�m almost reluctant to type this thread incase I jinx myself.

While ttc number 1 I had 2 early mc�s within a short space of time � I literally fell pregnant again on my first cycle post mc as I�d read that you are very fertile post mc and have a good chance of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy. Unfortunately, I had another early mc at pretty much the exact same stage as last time - 5+ 4 weeks � even my hcg levels were identical to the last time.

We decided to take a break for a while � I got some blood tests done � all of which came back fine and the mw seemed to think we�d just been unlucky the first time and it was too soon the second time (she advised against ttc immediately post mc)

About a month ago, we decided to try again and see what happened with not real expectations. AF was due on Friday and didn�t appear. I tested on Friday and got a BFN but tested again yesterday with an early indicator and got a BFP smile

I�m terrified now that it will happen again � they do say bad luck comes in 3�s and while I�m trying to stay positive, I�m also almost burying my head in the sand about it. I�ve not told anyone � not even my partner as I want to get past the dreaded 5+4 stage before I talk about it. I know that�s silly but I can�t help it and I figure if I just have a hope for the best but expect the worst attitude then I won�t be too disappointed if this one fails too? I�m not even going to go see the mw or epu until I�m gone 6 weeks as last time I had my mw appointment all booked and then had to phone and cancel.

Are there any others out there with positive stories where it has worked out for them after multiple mc�s in the past?

bakingtins Tue 01-Apr-14 12:08:10

Nice supportive pregnant after miscarriage thread here
I'm 30 weeks after having had 4 miscarriages. smile
You are bound to be anxious, but I hope this one works out for you.

kitkat321 Tue 01-Apr-14 12:12:11

Thanks bakingtins - out of did you notice/feel any different in your failed vs. successful pregnancy?

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