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ttc after Mirena coil

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devoniandarling Fri 28-Mar-14 13:13:48

Ok, new on the conception board so here goes.

I am 30 years old. I have four children already and am hoping to fall quite quickly with dc5. I am due to have the mirena coil removed on the 7th april and i'm looking for stories of how long it took people to get pregnant after they had the mirena coil removed.

dc4 was concieved the month i had the implanon removed. I'm hoping dc5 will be a similar story!

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Mar-14 14:09:24

I would wait a few weeks to let the lining of your womb build back up as the mirena thins it out so it may not be thick enough to support a pregnancy straight after removal

ilovepowerhoop Fri 28-Mar-14 14:14:47

found this online:

Miscarriages often occur after the Mirena device has been removed, as well. Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, the creator and distributor of the device, claims that a woman can attempt to conceive a child immediately after the device is removed. What they fail to say is that a large percentage of women experience a miscarriage when they attempt to do so, since their uterine lining is still very thin immediately after having the device removed. Women should wait at until they have had at least one menstrual cycle, if not more, before trying to conceive after having Mirena removed.

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Fri 28-Mar-14 14:24:58

I had the coil removed in november and conceived in january

somedizzywhore1804 Fri 28-Mar-14 14:31:54

7th month.

Writerwannabe83 Fri 28-Mar-14 15:37:38

I conceived 5 weeks after my Mirena was removed.

Currently sat here feeding my week old baby smile

Good luck!!!

toothachereturns Fri 28-Mar-14 20:00:36

I had mine removed on 6th Feb. Bled really heavily for 10 days. My first normal (although unusually heavy) Af finished Sunday 23rd March.... so I will be dtd all weekend. grin

devoniandarling Fri 28-Mar-14 20:31:25

thanks everyone. Thats interesting about the lining of the womb. When I spoke to our gp he stated his wife fell pregnant the month she had hers removed and that there was no reason my fertility wouldn't return instantly.

SweepTheHalls Fri 28-Mar-14 20:33:25

16 cycles. Now 2 weeks pregnant smile

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