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I think I'm upduffed!

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fuckertyfuckfuck Sun 16-Mar-14 20:26:56

Im a regular on here but have NC for this.

So I'm not trying, I'm ready for number 2 but DP isn't but we've not been the safest! About 4 days ago I could swear I had implantation (sp?) pain. Very similar to what I had with DD, but ignored it and decided its period pain.
Buuutttt today I have very sore nipples, I've never really had sensitive nipples as this is definitely different.
I have PCOS so periods are all over the shop and I have a brief memory of a bleed late Jan/early Feb.
Probably cant get to a chemist until Tues/Wed. aaahhhh!

Anyway think I just needed to get it off my chest as no one in RL to talk to about it or who I'd trust to tell

penniespigsandpewter Sun 16-Mar-14 20:30:06

It does sound as though you are upduffed! POAS!

fuckertyfuckfuck Sun 16-Mar-14 20:34:35

Im pretty certain too.
Cant get to a chemist until Tuesday at the earliest. I'd be more than happy for BFP but not sure DP is going to feel the same.

Im going to get out the cake and not over think things

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