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Confused!! Thoughts please!!

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ZoBo1234 Sun 09-Mar-14 17:10:54

I think I ovulated later than I originally thought, I think I'm approx 11dpo. For the last few days I've been having spotting, it's only really when I wipe and it's thick brown bloody discharge. Im in no pain or discomfort so i dont think its a Period as i suffer badly with cramps when due on. I'm taking tests but getting negatives. Any thoughts on what this could be? Still have a chance of a BFP? I've got veryyyyyy sore veiny boobs too!!

jazzyjenbo Sun 09-Mar-14 22:00:03

It could be implantation spotting, i got brown spotting with dc1 and dc2 and red streaks with dc3 (which i later mmc at 10 weeks).
If u ovulated slightly later than usual u just might be that u don't have quiet enough pregnancy hormones to trigger the hpt.
I've forgotten now if u said af is late.. If it is then keep testing (first morning urine is best) and if af isnt late then ur just on a waiting game really.
Sore breasts are 1 of the first signs. Have u got any other signs/symptoms.. Tiredness, sickness, bloating maybe?
Good luck x

ZoBo1234 Mon 10-Mar-14 17:05:40

I'm feeling very bloated and even look it at times! I'm so so terribly exhausted, to the point I'm ready for my bed by 6pm every night!

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