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When to try again after miscarriage

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Squirrel14 Wed 05-Mar-14 18:02:32

I began miscarrying on sunday, after being approx. 5-6 weeks pregnant. It isn't the first time, this will be my 6th loss. I do have live children, these were conceived within weeks and before an af after previous miscarriages.
So I am hoping that we can start trying again in the next few weeks, once I stop bleeding... the very worse loss is over, and pregnancy tests are negative already.
Am I wrong to want to move on from this so quicky? The doctor wants to find out why this keeps happening, but I have hope that my next will be a live baby, as that is what tends to happen.
I have ovulation sticks, and I was going to start testing from next week... when am I likely to ovulate?

Cheerfulcharlie Wed 05-Mar-14 18:22:55

Sorry to hear this.

I would wait til you get a negative pregnancy test from this m/c before tryign again to make sure it's all out of your system properly.

I understand wanting to get on with things and try asap - I am in a similar boat right now and have been before. Personally I am going to try and resist TTC for 1-2 cycles as advice from Dr and to give uterus chance to recover / flush out and get hormones rebalanced, although I do feel like I just want to get on with it.

Why don't you want to go along with your doc and have some tests to find out why this is happening? It could be something relatively easily fixed?

squarecircle Wed 05-Mar-14 21:00:07

I'm sorry for your losses.
i too am in a similar position. I have had three miscarriages in the last 8 months. Have just had my first af after erpc in January. All i wanted was to start ttc again straight away but after much discussion with dh, we have decided to wait till after tests have been done later this month. It is so hard waiting...and watching ovulation come and go, but i don't think i could face another miscarriage if it could be prevented. After all, having a miscarriage "wastes" time too.

i think if you want to ttc now, you should go ahead. But be prepared for the worst case scenario. The midwife told me causes of recurrent miscarriage can be transient so even though you have children, there may be something fixable that is causing you to miscarry now.

bonzo77 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:06:27

Sorry for your losses. I would start as soon as you feel able if you are not being tested. As I came round from the anaesthetic from my erpc I asked the nurse when we could start ttc! She said wait till I got home, or had a negative pg test, which ever happened second. She made me smile. I definitely felt the only thing that would make me feel better would be getting pg again, ideally before my edd.

Lucky3878 Wed 05-Mar-14 22:02:17

I'm so sorry for your losses. Our circumstances are a bit different and won't go into detail but we lost our daughter when I was almost 16 weeks pregnant, just 3 weeks ago today. I am desperate to start trying again because I think being pregnant again is the only thing that will help me feel better. At the same time though I'm scared to be pregnant again and scared of loosing another baby (we have 2 sons but also lost a baby at 6 weeks in 2012). Hoping everything works out for you.

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