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TTC and after some advice on your experience

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Cantwaittobeamum52 Mon 24-Feb-14 19:48:07

Hi all

I'm new to mumsnet and would appreciate some advice on your experience please. I came off the pill in August last year (cerazette) and have been TTC since. I was 5 days late this month (38 days since last cycle) until 2 days ago when I had some slight browny bleeding but only lasted a day and a half..... In between being late and the strange bleeding i took 2 tests and both came back negative but I feel like something's off. I normally get really sore breasts the week period is due but this hasn't happened at all this month. I don't want to get my hopes up but I've been so regular since coming off the pill that this month is strange.

I've read that implantation bleeds are a bit hit and miss as to whether they insinuate anything and I think I might be looking for signs as we really want to be pregnant but I'd really appreciate any input from people with similar experiences. I dont have the strange bleed anymore so thinking I should wait another few days and test again or am I just kidding myself?

Thanks all x

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