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CBFM just says High but think I'm ovulating!

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artylady14 Thu 20-Feb-14 10:20:37

I am in my second cycle of using the CBFM and not getting a Peak day. Yesterday I tested positive at lunch time and in the evening with OPK test strips and this morning my temperature has dropped but my CBFM still said High. This is my 15th day of High. Has anyone else had this problem with the CBFM? For what I paid for it, I am disappointed with it so far!

DinoSnores Thu 20-Feb-14 13:47:16

I have used the CBFM for two cycles.

First cycle I used it, it read High from Day 6 to 26 when it read low. A few days later, I got a BFP and then went to have DD.

Second cycle I used it more recently, it did exactly the same. A few days later I got a BFP and am now 8 weeks pregnant.

I wonder if it just needs a few cycles to work out my levels and what is high and what is peak for me, but I've never (thankfully) given it enough time to work out what is going on.

artylady14 Fri 21-Feb-14 14:14:43

Thanks for letting me know that. I was thinking that and read about it 'getting to know us' but don't really know what that means. I'm glad it doesn't mean I didn't ovulate. I had all the other symptoms so fingers crossed.

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