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Am I 6 weeks or 11 weeks pregnant?

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stabbybitch Tue 18-Feb-14 14:25:43

hi everyone, long time lurker but first time poster here.
wondering if anyone could help, I got a positive pregnancy test on 31st feb. my last period was 2nd january and only lasted a few hours but was red & normal flow, does this count when working out my EDD? My coil was removed in the begining of august & AF has not been regular since. AF before was 29th nov. Only pregnancy symptoms iv got are sore boobs & very mild cramps, oh and very bloated! This is my 4th pregnancy, I had brown & red spotting with the first 2 at 7 & 8 weeks, plus hypermesies with all 3 but no sickness this time. I feel great this time but completely diffrent have got doctors tomorrow so hoping they will be able to help with the EDD.

stabbybitch Tue 18-Feb-14 14:27:21

should have read that before posting! sorry its abit all over the place.

bonzo77 Tue 18-Feb-14 14:39:14

God knows. Your jan AF sounds very short. Is that sometimes normal for you? I think that was more likely a little bleed, and you are really 11 weeks. Can you get a clear blue digi? Ideally obv you need a dating scan ASAP as if you are 11 weeks you need a "12 week" scan quite soon (if you want the NT test, which you might not, not everyone does).

stabbybitch Tue 18-Feb-14 14:49:32

thanks for replying. no not that short, normally about 5 days long. when I got a positive test I rang the epu for advice and the lady was rather short with me & told me to wait for my doctors appointment. wish I had rang back another time as abit worried now that im further along. doctors tomorrow though. I just feel weird because of no sickness but very pregnant this time.

Vikkijayne2507 Wed 19-Feb-14 03:19:45

I came off my pill end of march last year had a withdrawl bleed then next month had a really light normal period with a tiny bit of spotting on 1st July and then a light period on 2nd and 3rd nothing heavy at all really I then got a positive test on 31st July. But it lasted a couple fo days whereas yours was a few hours I would get to the GP asap and explain situation and see what they suggest unfortuantely the epu wont do anything without a gp seeing u first
good luck let us know how it goes

stabbybitch Wed 19-Feb-14 14:44:11

So I went to the doctor this morning & he obviously cant count. He said as I had bled that, it will be counted as a period. So last period was 2nd jan, he worked out that my due date is 9th october. Then said ok so this makes you 8 weeks. Umm no it dosnt, it makes me 6 weeks 6 days. Now waiting on my referal to the midwife.

bonzo77 Wed 19-Feb-14 14:52:53

hmm... i wouldn't wait. At the hospital I has both mine at you can just walk in. Where are you? Could you afford a private scan. If there is any danger of you being 11 weeks and you want the standard tests they offer at 12 weeks then you need to get a move on. Your GP sounds a bit crap.

stabbybitch Wed 19-Feb-14 15:03:37

They are crap. I waited nearly 3 weeks for that appointment. I'm in southampton, I'm not sure if the epu at princess ann is walk in or referal. I explained about the bleeding in my other pregnancies but he just repeted that I had bled so it counted.

bonzo77 Wed 19-Feb-14 15:14:38

seriously. get a private scan. Even where I am in North london you can get one for under £100. failing that just call them and explain. do you have a direct line for the midwives from your previous pregnancies? or maternity triage? our one will see you from the day of your BFP till after you deliver, they direct you to the correct department if they cannot help.

stabbybitch Wed 19-Feb-14 15:15:02

Just looked online, you need a referral to the epu at princess anne.

stabbybitch Wed 19-Feb-14 15:17:51

I think a private scan is my best bet. I cant even seem to find a midwife number for where iam its out of date. princess anne info says doctors are first port of call till I have a midwife.

bonzo77 Wed 19-Feb-14 15:25:24

her you go

good luck!

stabbybitch Wed 19-Feb-14 15:30:44

thank you.

bonzo77 Sun 02-Mar-14 20:08:49

just wondered if you found out any more info...

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