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BFP due on 26th! Anyone want to share their tww nightmare and symtom spotting?

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EmilyPinkOrBlue Mon 17-Feb-14 11:28:13

Hiya this is my first time ttc and it's already driving me mad! who knew so many things were involved not the shag once no protection get pregnant nonsense we were taught at school!
I'm 5dpo and have had symtoms such as slight sick feeling morning and afternoon but fine evening, heartburn, feeling full all the time even though haven't eaten anything or not much, slight period style cramps and as I type a pain on the left side of my internal lady bits! I have tracked my period for about 4 years with an iPhone app and my cycle varies by 26-32 days I have been basing my fertility calender on 29 days and we dtd 5 times over fertile period so I am hoping that whenever I ovulated we may have caught it at the right time!!

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