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TTC#3 Head vs Heart

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PinkGirlsMummy Wed 12-Feb-14 19:28:49

That's it really. I have two lovely children age 6 and 3. I work 4 days and DH works full time. We aren't well off but surviving, could afford one more but it would be tight. We are in a two bedroom just now and intending to split large bedroom so DD and DS don't have to share.Basically from a pratical point of view a third would be hard when things are just starting to get easier. BUT I have a feeling of wanting one more and it keeps coming to my mind. We decided to go for it a year ago but sadly I had an early MC last March. I am 31 and DH 35 so in a way there is time to think, but I worry I'm going to regret leaving it if we struggle. I feel silly dwelling so much on this but it is on my mind. Can't talk to anyone in real life about this as feel they'd think be greatful for the two you have (which I am). I am not asking people to tell me what to do, just wondered if anyone else is/was in same position just now or what people's thoughts are. Thanks

Ajords1 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:48:25

Hello, I'm not in the same boat as you as I'm TTC#1 but I just wanted to say, that although this is obviously a huge decision you can risk overthinking it. You have one of each so don't underestimate the fact that you won't be starting from scratch whatever no.3 may be as you can pass things down from the others. Re the two bed issue - our parents/grandparents used to grow up in homes where it was 2/3 to a bed never mind a room and they were happy and survived! All I'm saying is if there's love to give and a want for another don't let these worries completely put you off.....good luck with whichever choice you make xxthanks

Squeakybeaky Wed 12-Feb-14 19:53:52

I could have written this exact post myself - we are exactly the same ages as you and our children are the same age as yours and we have one of each! We have been umming and ahhing over a third for so long and we always said we wanted 3. I didn't want to be thinking about it forever and potentially regretting it later in life so we have decided to go for it - on cycle 2 at the moment!

Good luck with making your decision - I certainly found the decision for a third was far harder than the other two times smile

PinkGirlsMummy Wed 12-Feb-14 19:55:35

Thanks Ajords1 for replying. You've got me in one, over thinking it is exactly what I'm doing x

Ajords1 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:58:06

I didn't mean that to come across as dismissing your worries - I completely understand the scale of your decision.....just don't tie yourself up in what ifs x

PinkGirlsMummy Wed 12-Feb-14 19:59:19

It is a tricky one and it is easy to think two children one of each is the perfect balanced family, but then I think about friends I know with third children who bring so much happiness and who you can't imagine not being there.

PinkGirlsMummy Wed 12-Feb-14 20:03:01

No Ajords I know you weren't dismissing my worries at all. It just made me smile as my DH often says I over think things and worry too much (which I do at times) x

PinkGirlsMummy Wed 12-Feb-14 20:12:16

Thanks Squeakybeaky.It is good to hear someone else in a similar position. I hope you get your Bfp. Once you know what you want the waiting/thinking about it is a rollercoaster. When I got preg with DD I knew very early on because I felt really sick and it took ages for Bfp to show.x

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