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Has anyone tried preseed?

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Fergie11 Sun 02-Feb-14 17:30:51

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has tried preseed. I saw it mentioned on another site and the reviews I have read seem very positive. My AF arrived today two days early so I thought I am going to try preseed this cycle. Anyone's thoughts most welcome x

m33r Sun 02-Feb-14 17:40:41

Hi fergie. I have. Been ttc for 15mnths and started it three months ago (not sure if it's worked this month yet). I obvs didn't get pg right away as some who have used it have but it's not yucky or hugely inconvenient or anything so I figure 'why not?'. Good luck! Btw, it recommends using 5ml (I think) but I stuck to 2 or 3 and found that plenty. X

Fergie11 Sun 02-Feb-14 17:51:43

Thanks m33r, I'll let you know how I get on. Good luck, fx this is your month for BFF!! ��

Fergie11 Sun 02-Feb-14 18:28:47

Oops pfp not pff!

noimagination80 Sun 02-Feb-14 19:12:10

Hi Fergie,

This cycle just gone was #5 and we used it once, i agree with m33r, 5ml is way to much. DH was not a fan, which is why we only used it the once.

Long story short, not sure if it was because of the preseed, or just our time, but i got my first bfp last week...Good luck

Fergie11 Sun 02-Feb-14 19:29:39

Congratulations on your bfp. I've ordered it online so I will give it a try this cycle x

noimagination80 Sun 02-Feb-14 19:36:34

Thanks Fergie11, Good luck for the next 2 weeks. All i can say is have fun and relax. x

flirty30s Sun 02-Feb-14 20:04:31

Have bought this after reading great reviews too and crossing my fingers it works next month, which will be my cycle #1 of 'actively trying'. Used it a few times this month and found it quite enjoyable (blush) Also started taking pregnacare two weeks ago and am going to try the sperm meets egg plan. Everythings worth a try! Fingers crossed for you too xo

Fergie11 Sun 02-Feb-14 20:42:37

Good luck flirty30's. This is my cycle #2 of properly trying. I'd never heard of the SMEP so just googled it. Sounds good to me, so going to try that along with the preseed. Fx for fun times and bfp x

Tranquilitybaby Sun 02-Feb-14 22:58:55

I read about it briefly too, I'd be interested to find out the success rates with it.

Fergie11 Mon 03-Feb-14 20:37:03

The large majority of reviews are very positive tranquilitybaby but not sure what the official stats are. I'm looking forward to trying it this month x

DewClawDisaster Mon 03-Feb-14 21:00:34

We conceived DC1 using Preseed after ttc unsuccessfully for 9 months, and following a tricky loss in our first pg before that.

Birgitz Mon 03-Feb-14 21:12:15

I also got pregnant on my 2nd month of using Preseed (had been trying for 5 months with no luck before that). Who knows if it was the Preseed that did the trick, but I'd say it's definitely worth trying. Good luck!

Fergie11 Mon 03-Feb-14 21:12:51

Sorry to hear about your sad loss but great to here that preseed worked for you.

PickledMoomin Mon 03-Feb-14 21:15:12

Yes! Had been TTC for over a year. Used it once- BFP which resulted in a MC.
TTC again for a few months. Used pre seed for the second time-BFP. I really rate it

Fergie11 Sun 16-Feb-14 21:51:47

Used preseed this cycle which I really liked and so did dh and so now the 2 week wait. Promised myself I'm not going to symptom spot or test early!!

Beccadugs Sun 16-Feb-14 21:58:39

We got pregnant first cycle using preseed, but it was only third cycle trying. I think it mainly help in that sex was better and easier as I can be a bit dry blush
The nice reassuring thing is that it won't do any harm as it's nice and friend to the sperm!

SoonToBeSix Sun 16-Feb-14 22:22:09

Yes for my last pregnancy before this one, it worked second cycle. Would recommend. Might not be relevant but anecdotally more boys than girls are conceived when using preseed.

prettywhiteguitar Mon 17-Feb-14 07:29:41

We conceived dd on the 2nd cycle with preseed but I had already charted and so wasn't leaving anything to chance

Doesn't hurt to try it

sambababy Fri 21-Feb-14 15:13:51

We always used lube just for my comfort, so when ttc switched to conceive plus. Got my bfp after the 2nd cycle. I obviously can't comment on whether it helped but there's no harm in trying these things in my opinion!
Good luck!

EmilyPinkOrBlue Fri 21-Feb-14 15:43:26

We used balance activ that I found in boots it comes in gel or a spray I read that lubricants can kill sperm so needed something moist to help Ttc comfortable I didn't buy it for the helping the sperm factor I havent got my bfp yet 9dpo but it's worth a try

Fergie11 Fri 21-Feb-14 19:47:01

Good luck Emily fx for bfp. I am now 7dpo

greenlizard Fri 21-Feb-14 20:26:04

I tried pre-seed but found the whole syringe thing a bit of a faff about so I tried the pre filled conceive plus applicators (I got mine from amazon). You can get the tube as well. So I use the applicators during the really fertile time because you can get it right up to the cervix (where I hope it will give the swimmers a bit of a helping hand on their way) and the tube for occasions when I am a bit dry and need a little bit for extra comfort. It's quite expensive but given I am trying just about everything else I figure why not! My DP isn't aware I use it and just thinks I am really up for it grin

Since using we have conceived twice but sadly miscarried both pregnancies - whether it helped us conceive I don't know but definitely worth giving it a go.

Fergie11 Sat 01-Mar-14 05:05:26

I got my bfp this morning! First month using preseed so I would highly recommend it xx

Southpaws Sat 01-Mar-14 06:01:29

We had been TTC for 8 cycles with no joy. Bought some preseed for cycle 9 and could be a coincidence but got a BFP. We did dtd every single night in cycle 9 too as opposed to every other night in previous cycles so not sure which did the trick, but I'm sure preseed helped.

Don't use full 5ml though, 1-2 is enough. Good luck!

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