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implantation pains???

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newby29 Mon 17-Jul-06 12:13:33

Hi All - just a quick question. I am on cd23 of a very regular 28 day cycle. I am therefore pretty certain I ov'ed cd14. Last night I was kept awake by pains in my (very) lower abdomen - sort of like period pains. Its gone completely now though. Could this be implantation pains? Do these exist??? I know people get pains around ov, but wasnt sure about this. I had a mc a few months ago, so felt totally paraniod and worried it could be this again, but all seems OK. Anyone had any experience of implantation pains/know anything about it??? Thanks!

Beccy1974 Mon 17-Jul-06 13:07:05

hi newby; i must admit to thinking the same last month & month before, as i was kept awake with period like cramps one night in the two week wait each month. but i now think it was a result of having my cycle go back to normal after iud removal... or maybe something else. either way, in my experience, some period like cramping didn't mean i was pregnant.

maybe someone else can describe implantation pains or say that yes, pains for them meant they were pregnant.

good luck tho & hope yours mean you are :-)

newby29 Mon 17-Jul-06 13:39:58

Thanks Beccy - thats helpful, just at least in terms of managing my expectations! its so hard not to read into everything isnt it?! So I do appreciate your response and shall just have to be patient and not get my hopes up!

Bellie Mon 17-Jul-06 13:50:31

newby29 - again I can't necesarily help, but wishing you luck I am on day 28 of my cycle and no AF yet !! I had cramps and some light bleeding on day 23 and 24 and am hoping that it was implantation bleed and pain but I have been at this point before and no luck so fingers crossed for you!

newby29 Mon 17-Jul-06 13:53:33

Thanks Bellie! Sounds hopeful for you on day 28!! - will really keep my fingers crossed for you! Am impressed you have resisited a test...!!!! well done and GOOD LUCK!

Bellie Mon 17-Jul-06 13:59:29

resisting testing as have no car today and no chemist or supermarket within walking distance!! Am really trying not to get my hopes up as last month AF arrived about 10.30pm on day 28.......
Good luck to you too!

eldestgirl Mon 17-Jul-06 14:20:17

Newby, I was convinced my AF was on its way on CD33 (long cycle) as I had really bad cramping, just like period pains, and I normally don't really suffer. I can only conclude it was an implantation pain as I started spotting a couple of days later, and then I got a BFP on CD38. BTW I always seem to hear the words "late implantation" when I go for scans so maybe yours was a bit speedier!
On a more cautious note, I have been known to really upset my stomach with nerves, pre-AF, and this has been the cause of my cramps.
Good luck!

newby29 Mon 17-Jul-06 14:33:45

Congratulations on your BFP!!! Great news!!! and thanks for that too. I guess it is like all these things, it could be, or it might not be. But its still good to hear others experiences (especially when balanced!) congrats again!

and Bellie - am still impressed you dont have a stock in your house!!!!!

JennyJJ Mon 17-Jul-06 14:35:47

I had bad period pain roughly half way between ovulation and when my period was due with my last two babies. I KNEW I was pregnant with my third (last) because of the dull ache of period pains a week before I was actually due on. Period pain normally only starts, for me, the day before AF arrives.

Don't know what caused those pains, but in my case it was a good sign.

bluedaisy1983 Wed 20-Aug-08 11:20:40

Having just read the first message I am exactly in the same boat. New to this website but been trying for a while now. im day 25 of 28 day cycle and have had very low down light cramping pains for 3 days now. no spotting or anything. my other half says not to get my hopes up but its hard not to analyse every little sign or symptom! I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed on this one, as we begin fertility exploration next month starting with blood tests...

PS what to all the abbreviations mean please??

bluedaisy1983 Wed 20-Aug-08 13:03:57

You will not believe this. I have only just been reading up about implantation pains this morning (when I totally should be studying). I got more and more convinced that explains the pains I;ve been having. I checked my dates, period due on tomorrow. And spur of the moment went to take a test. IT IS POSITIVE!!!! Oh my I have been crying with happiness for about 20 mins and called my hubby on the phone to share the amazing news. You are the second people to find out im pregnant!!! Mixture of fear about whether the cheap tesco test is accurate and mega excitement and just wishing my other half to hurry up and get home. Very good luck to all those ttc and having these low down pains.

Jools1 Wed 20-Aug-08 14:20:11

Many congratulations Bluedaisy

I have been watching this thread with interest, as I'm experiencing, or think I am experiencing a lot of pg symptoms and have had mild cramping on Monday evening, then again yesterday and this morning. I've had some brown spotting today, gone off coffee, been nauseous and dizzy if I don't eat lots regularly ...

13DPO today and BFN this morning. Was expecting AF yesterday or today ...

Very confused and wishing the days away till I know what is going on ! Found a website just now that suggests testing at 10DPO and, if no AF, again at 16DPO so I may try that.

Fifty Thu 28-Aug-08 14:36:24

Newby29 and Bluedaisy....I was so amazed to read about the "implantation pains" which I have right now!!! Well at least I hope they are...all the symptoms are the same. I am only on my 7th day after ovulation and I have a continuous dull pain - initially on the sides - seemingly in my ovaries but now all over the lower area - feels like mild period pains... I have convinced myself that I am pregnant..and so excited BUT need to wait a week until I can take a test. Thanks for giving me some insight. I joined up to the site immediately when I read your letters today...


dinkyboysmum Fri 29-Aug-08 14:03:19

me too! hopeful of 'implantation pains'. they feel quite sharp, but no 'dull' like normal pre-AF pains. O'd last week, so AF not due for another week...

Fifty Fri 29-Aug-08 14:09:48

good luck... have read about both the sharp pains and dull period pain like feeling.. so hopefully we are both going to be blessed...

sidestep Tue 07-Oct-08 23:44:08

so I read your messages today and wondering how your stories ended up! i feel dull lower pain for 2 days now and it's the week between my ovulation and period. were they implantation pains for you guys?

Tinker3 Thu 09-Oct-08 13:14:13

Hello everyone!

I new on here today and your messages of support have encouraged me to get in touch!

I am on day 21 (of a usually 29/30 day cycle..) I ovulated on Sunday/Monday according to my opk... I had constant dull aches on Monday all day (but only on the right side) and it hurt if I sat down hard and then again on and off on Tuesday..

Yesterday there was little pain but I woke in the night last night with really quite painful low down pain (but central, not on the right side...)

Does anyone have any ideas??? We baby danced every day last week apart from Saturday and the last time was Monday night... Would love to be pregnant but have a fear this is all ovulation pain?? Although I have never had it before....

PussinJimmyWhoooos Thu 30-Oct-08 11:58:36

Hello! I'm on CD 21 of a 28-30 day cycle...ov'd on CD 15 and did loads of BD'ing on CD16,17 and 18 (couldn't catch CD 15 as DH was away). I've been having really crampy pains in my lower left side - I don't normally get pains a week before AF due so am hoping.....

Weird thing though, for the last 4 months or so, I haven't had much EWCM but have had colour on the day I ovulated...this month, no colour but lots more, I'm wondering if I wasn't actually ovulating then but it was more my body settling down and this month is the first proper ovulation...mmm

Really hope I've caught it this month!! Was gutted when saw EWCM on the Friday as DH was away but within 24 hours of that we did BD so....

heverhoney1 Thu 30-Oct-08 12:12:17

Have to say my implantation pains REALLY HURT!!

I was silly and did an early test which had shown a faint positive. Not long after I had really really painful period like pains which took my breath away sometines. I really thought I was loosing my baby - now I am 2 days short of 14 weeks and I saw my little wriggler 2 weeks ago grin

PussinJimmyWhoooos Thu 30-Oct-08 12:35:18

Oooh congrats! How exciting! I didn't have any symptoms with DS except really being affected by the smell of fag smoke...didn't get an implantation bleed until day AF was due and two bfn followed by a bfp about four days after AF...but then, that's not to say this time would be the same...

I hate the bloody 2ww!!!! Am def cramping and ewcm this month was better than its ever been...

Wishing Thu 30-Oct-08 18:14:16

hope its ok to jump in, im now on cd day 36 of a normally 29 day cycle and on day 29 i had a bit o spotting and loads of cramps really painful, had a bfn few days later but holding out a bit longer to test!

im hoping spotting was implantation bleeding and cramps were pains! i dont no for sure yet but still no af!!

good luck to all xxxxx

Moogatron Tue 04-Nov-08 10:20:07

I too have had pains- but I always do mid cycle they are meant to be ovulation pains- but according to OPKs my LH surge was CD 16/17 and I've had pains CD21/22. Also, I had EWCM on CD 13 ARGHH!!!! so confusing!! As, since I came off the pill I have had pains every month, I am assuming it is the normal thing.
Its wierd- when before I was on the pill I had shocking AF pains and heavy. Now pain mid cycle, AF fine. the mid-cycle pain makes it hard to sit down quickly etc. hopefully I have not thrown everyone into disarray!!

Romani01 Sun 15-Feb-15 14:27:59

Hey ladies! I know this post hasn't been active for a long time but I am hoping that someone could give me advice please. I had sex 9 days ago and I have had aches in my lower abdomen over the last 2 days. Could this be implantation pains? I checked and realised that I had sex during my ovulation window. Thankyou

MissMartin1992 Sun 22-Mar-15 16:19:59

Im experiencing the same pain feels like a dull period pain which has lasted since day 17 till now day 22! I don't know why i did it but i tested on day 17 as last month's af was very strange! so i thought i may have been pregnant.... suppose i have a week left until i should test again just gotta wait and see what happens now smile good luck everyone flowers

Emilystaruk Fri 27-Mar-15 09:30:43

I'm the same! Had a missed miscarriage in January and had to have an emergency D&C.
Just had my second proper period from 10-16th and then monitored ovulation over weekend. Had sex 7 days ago and today I have bad cramps in my middle lower abdomen - really hoping its implantation!
Please can anyone whose had this tell me their outcome? I will keep you updated on mine. Test in 10days!!
Thank you x

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