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How many Years this time around

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worriedaboutmyman Thu 10-Oct-13 00:48:09

Just needing to talk "outloud" really. But any advice is more than welcome smile

DC is 7. DC was several years in the making! It was very stressful all that waiting and wanting so when my beautiful baby did finally arrive safely it was such a blessing!
But then my DH went though a very difficult time and I became very stressed out too looking after him. By then we agreed to wait a bit longer before "trying". I was fed up with "trying" from first time around and with everything else so was more than happy to wait a year or 2 more than you "normally" would between children given a choice.

But yet again I am now trying and never getting there.

It is breaking my heart every month that goes by - another month that DC doesn't have a sibling to play with. I know I am a great Mother! I know I can do a great job with another one or even another 2, 3 or 4! GP was an arse when I last spoke to him.

geminigirl Thu 10-Oct-13 10:40:18

DC 1 was 11 months, Dc 2 was straight away and DC 3 was about 3 years! We had just about given up when boom!! Ran out of Pregnacare, gave away lots of clothes....was contented with a family of 4. Now 33 weeks with DC3.

Is there another GP you can see? How long have you been TTC?

allchatnicknamesgone Thu 10-Oct-13 11:15:49

I can really relate to the pressure of having number 2. My dd is 5. All her friends have siblings and she is desperate and asks me at least 4 times a week if I have a bay in my tummy and milk in my boobies. It was sweet many months ago, but now I just don't know what to say apart from 'maybe one day, we'll see' Every month I don't get a bfp, is a month she grows older. If I don't nail it this month, she'll be 6 before she has a bro or sister and I know I will be devastated. But on the other hand we have a lovely life now with just one child and often see friends struggle with theirs brood.

I really hope that this time is different for you and that you get your bfp quicker. Wishing you lots of luck.

I do think you should see another GP. They should at least listen and be there for you even though they may not be able to offer anything medically right now (you didn't mention if you have obviously fertility issues).

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