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Help, I feel like I'm losing the plot

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AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 01-Oct-13 20:07:39

I feel like I'm losing the plot. Stopped the pill 7th Sept and started TTC. Whenever I have done this in the past I have had a bleed pretty much straight away but so far 4 weeks on and nothing. Early last week I was getting some pains very low down in my abdomen, thought period was imminent but still nothing. Did a pregnancy test on Sunday which was negative but wouldn't it be too early to tell anyway? Few other symptoms like nausea in morning the last 2 days, swollen/bloated tummy and larger boobs with sensitive nipples (sorry TMI). Am I being crazy in thinking I might actually be pregnant or could it just be a period on the way. I'm driving myself mad symptom spotting and not knowing is doing my head in.

lucidlady Tue 01-Oct-13 22:22:55

It may be a bit early to tell. Perhaps try and wait until 7 October and do another test?

mawinter Wed 02-Oct-13 08:57:39

In the same boat as you, exactly to the day! Still no AF, had tons of cramps for ages on and off, along with every pregnancy symptom out there, with no AF arriving. Breasts are also quite swollen with lots of nipple pain. Doctor put me on meds to help against this, but honestly I feel I am getting worse off than better? :/ Still having BFN's, gonna test again at the weekend if nothing arrives by then. I know one thing for certain i did ovulate!

lifesgreatquestions Wed 02-Oct-13 09:40:04

TTC'ing is a maddening venture, only time will tell but it makes us obsessive! Try to find something to distract you, much easier said then done!

AutumnStar Wed 02-Oct-13 09:57:58

Hi AlwaysDancing. Was it the mini pill you stopped? I'm in exactly the same boat. Took my last one on Sept 1 and not even a hint of AF arriving. My nipples have been really sensitive as well but BFNs on tests. It's driving me mad!

AlwaysDancing1234 Wed 02-Oct-13 20:05:17

Thanks for replies everyone, I'm sorry some of you are going through the same but glad I'm not the only one if you see what I mean! I'm trying not to think about it 24/7 but it's very difficult. Trying to hold off until weekend at least before I do another test, keeping the local pharmacy in business lately with all the tests & things I've been buying. The pill was Cerazette. Have read some old threads on here and Internet, some saying body not settling down for months/years and others pregnant in a matter of weeks! Huuuuuh (big sigh) all we can do is wait then I guess!

AutumnStar Wed 02-Oct-13 20:15:58

Cerazette for me as well! Read some horror stories too. It's quite bad really that this sort of thing isn't really discussed at check ups, etc. In my experience anyway.

AlwaysDancing1234 Wed 02-Oct-13 21:09:12

That's the thing AutumnStar, I had several conversations with GP & practice nurse over the last year re which pill would be best for me as knew I wanted TTC at some point and they never mentioned Cerazette problems. Having said that, for every horror story I have heard there is someone else who fell pregnant whilst actuall on it or shortly after stopping it.

AutumnStar Thu 03-Oct-13 10:06:23

It is really frustrating. DH and I aren't planning to TTC immediately but I'm so glad I've stopped taking it now. Still absolutely no sign of AF and it's four and a half weeks now.

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 03-Oct-13 17:53:22

It's maddening isn't it. Still watching and waiting. Just wish something would happen (preferably a positive test but I'd even settle for AF, at least it would give me some answers).

AlwaysDancing1234 Sat 05-Oct-13 04:45:27

Did a test just now as couldn't stand the wait any longer but it was negative sad

AutumnStar Sat 05-Oct-13 10:54:11

Rubbish news on the BFN, Always. AF is starting for me. Had brown spotting since yesterday. I'm on day 34 now so hopefully I'll know where I am! Hope you get your BFP soon x

AlwaysDancing1234 Sun 06-Oct-13 00:18:32

Thanks Autumn, shame you have AF but at least you know where you are now. I'm hoping I get BFP or AF in the next few days or I'll go loopy!

mawinter Wed 09-Oct-13 09:46:04

AlwaysDancing1234 Any news?

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 10-Oct-13 07:49:46

AF started this morning sad but at least now I know where I am in my cycle and my body is working as it should. (Still feeling disappointed though).

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 10-Oct-13 07:51:30

How about you mawinter??

mawinter Thu 10-Oct-13 08:29:59

Nothing here yet and today is the day I would normally get AF. :/
Yesterday I had tons of cramps and what felt like signs AF would be here today, but this morning nothing. Hopefully she shows later today.
I understand your disappointment. sad

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 10-Oct-13 13:18:34

Mawinter - hope something happens for you soon to put you out of your misery. You never know, if AF doesn't turn up maybe test again on weekend?

rhia1982 Thu 10-Oct-13 15:25:45

I can relate to this, all the best for you.

mawinter Thu 10-Oct-13 15:53:35

Going in to see someone. I really feel off today. My whole body is shaking, I have massive amounts of pressure in my lower abdomen and back, followed by nausea, weakness, dizziness and to make it worse my legs are going numb and heavy.

AutumnStar Thu 10-Oct-13 15:59:52

Sorry you feel so rubbish mawinter and sorry you have AF AlwaysDancing.

Hope things settle down for everyone soon. I've felt crap since my very short AF stopped on Monday. Absolutely knackered and really achey. Hoping I'm not coming down with some horrible lurgy

mawinter Thu 10-Oct-13 20:56:38

Well going to make a new thread as to my issue. :/

mawinter Fri 11-Oct-13 07:50:13

I am including the link here to the new thread, in case anyone runs a search on Cerazette they may find it. PCOS has not been mentioned yet, but I have a feeling it is going that way. :/

AlwaysDancing1234 Fri 11-Oct-13 19:42:41

Sorry to hear you are unwell mawinter. Will follow you over to other thread, hope you get it sorted soon

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