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Trying to conceive whilst breastfeeding?

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Kelbells Sat 18-May-13 16:47:40

Hoping someone might have experience or knowledge they could share with me?! My DS1 is now 7 months, is EBF and not night weaned, he's started solids but we are BLW, fun, but not much is actually going in to be honest grin! We would really like to try for dc2 but AF hasn't returned yet. I'm wondering whether its worth investing in some cheapie opks? Anyone had any success when breastfeeding still so regularly?

eggsnbeans Sun 19-May-13 06:16:56

Heya Kelsbells
There are heaps of us trying the same thing on this thread if you want to join

loads of good tips from knowledgeable ladies smile

We are pretty much the same as you, DD is 8m and not eating solids (trying BLW but will not take a spoon either). My AF came back a few weeks ago, but no sign of ovulation or another one since. You can't do any harm with cheapie OPKs, if you waned to try you could just use them when you notice EWCM? Otherwise I guess you'd have to test everyday, which would get expensive! It's such a bitch having to wait though, and even once AF's back fertility is still pretty crap while BF! Heaps of women do manage it though so keep dtd wink

WildRumpus Sun 19-May-13 06:36:10

Everyone is different, but I seem to be totally infertile while BF. Even when just doing one feed every 24 hours. But AF returns 2 weeks after I stop BF and fertility returns to normal. But that is just me and my body. I know quite a few people who have conceived while BF and gone on to tandem feed.

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