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False negative pregnancy tests?

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Kneebeefjerky Mon 06-May-13 21:08:01

Has anybody had these or heard of them?

I'm just wondering because I have slightly irregular periods but they are about 30-32 days. At around CD16 I had some very light spotting which I assumed was ovulation then nothing until CD30 when I was expecting my period to begin, had some light spotting which I thought would turn into my period but nothing at all happened after the light spotting.

I thought the spotting on CD30 was a bit late for implantation bleeding. Anyway I took a pregnancy test on CD31 which was negative and now it's CD33 and still nothing.

Is it possible the pregnancy test could be wrong? And can implantation happen 14 days after ovulation? Boobs are a bit tender (not massively so) and I've had what feel like cold symptoms waking up which clear fairly quickly.

Dunno what's going on!

Shnook Mon 06-May-13 21:41:13

Yes, false negatives can definitely happen - quite often because youre not yet releasing with of the hormones for the test to pick up.

With dd1, my cycle was always 28 days - a few days before af was due, I had some spotting. Did a pg test and it was -ve. Did another one the day my period was due and again, -ve. Only got a +ve the day after it was due.

Maybe wait a couple of days and do another test?

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