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FSH raised in under a year?

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lastboxoftampons Wed 03-Apr-13 14:24:34


We've been TTC #2 for about 17 cycles now with not even a shadow of a BFP and we've just started treatment with the ACU. Yesterday the consultant said that my FSH is 8.5 - which I know is not bad, only ever so slightly elevated. However, I had bloodwork done last year after about 6 months of TTC and my FSH then was 5.7. Is it normal for it to jump that much in a year? I'm 36, and I know fertility drops off quite quickly after 35.

Also, the ACU has found a 4cm cyst, which they think is a dermoid, on my left ovary that wasn't there when I had a scan last summer. The doctor I spoke to yesterday said that it's possible it was too small to see last summer, she suggested maybe it was 1cm or something - which would mean it's quadrupled in size in about 9 months. My follicle count was 9, which is slightly less than they'd like to see, but probably because this cyst is taking up space which could be devoted to follicles. I'm just wondering if the growth of this cyst is related to the jump in FSH.

Any advice much appreciated! Thank you! smile

lastboxoftampons Fri 05-Apr-13 13:07:18

bumping for any insight? Thanks!

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