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IVF February 2013

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Arghhelp Wed 27-Feb-13 23:56:18

Hello everyone

Not sure how to access the other thread so just thought I would start one. I had my first on IVF and now have decided to go for No. 2. Lots of issues this time around though. Lab has strongly recommended ICSI and am so freaked out with the whole congenital abnormalities doubling thing....does anyone out there have any words of wisdom on this? Also heard about this new thing called IMSI. Apparently analyses DH's sample and picks the best of the best etc. Motility not great. On my side, have had two miscarriages and an ectopic previously though was blessssed with my baby first time on the IVF try. Somehow, i felt so prepared last time around and this time...I am pulling my hair out. Feel like I have forgotten everything and am too old etc etc and am really scared but so desperately want another little darling....but what if I have twins? Does the twin rate double with ICSI? Does anyone know? Am 38..please help?

keepitgoing Thu 28-Feb-13 08:04:48

Hi - do come and join us on the egg buddies thread. Just add a message on the bottom.

The risk of twins is about 1% I believe with ivf/icsi IF you have one embryo put back. This is higher than natural pregnancies but they don't know why, but it's still low. My clinic said if I put two back it'd be a 10% chance of twins.

Same with the evidence of genetic abnormalities. No real consensus. From what I've read it is higher - but still very low - with icsi. However there are a couple of studies suggesting it's not the icsi/if itself, but rather the issues that caused the infertility in the first place - ie 'infertile' people who finally do conceive naturally have similar rates.

Good luck. Do come and join us, it's great to have support.

akuabadoll Thu 28-Feb-13 08:30:43

keep is right, id twin rate higher and risk of abnormalities are higher but still very very low. I have read the same regarding the reasons for the abnormalities being to do with the profile of the population that need AC rather than the process itself. As for id twinning there is a theory that icsi creates a higher likelihood of splitting due to the effect on the outer wall of the egg. I have had two recent rounds of IVF and my experience of the second was different from the first, I found that I really had to push myself into the second time, once I started though I felt better. Good luck.

EuroShaggleton Thu 28-Feb-13 10:31:49

I'd also recommend the egg buddies thread. The people posting there are at varying stages - some about to start, some on their cycles, some post-cycle but hanging on there for support (giving and receiving!).

The risks of abnormalities are still tiny but I understand your concerns.

Arghhelp Thu 28-Feb-13 11:12:28

Hello Keepitgoing, Akuabadoll and EuroShaggleton

Thank you for your kind messages...I was quite keen on twins the first time around but I cannot CANNOT manage the second time around I think... smile besides my older one will go nuts smile Please do let me know how I join the egg buddies thread? Am a little hopeless with this...

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